Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by WreckerL, Mar 22, 2010.

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  1. OK so where have RumRat and JonnoJonno gone. Are they in JD's cellar?, has SPB got them in cells?.

    These are just 2 that spring to mind. Any ideas anyone?
  2. kidnapped raped and murdered by serial killer hunting down everyone who use RR, I thought i was being watched at the gym.

    edited due to spack spelling.
  3. Watched at the gay bar more like.

    Please respect RR's honesty policy.
  4. I've got a plan. I've got photoshop coming in the mail. I'll edit a phot of those two looking like 5 year old blonde girls and make up an elaborate story about Tapas.

    Then they'll never know the buggery killed them....
  5. but on serious note they have been away, wonder if they have pasture new.
  6. Why do you feckers keep spoiling my fun, STOP OUTTING ME!!!

  7. Correction; it started off with a purely innocent master/slave relationship which got out of control when you found my stash of animal porn and the bones in my garden. I hate being blackmailed by a coon.

  8. Honky.
    Send my spliffs back you thieving white trash. :D
  9. Who the fuck is this rumrat? He sold me his laptop along with his user name and told me if I logged in as him people would send me loads of dosh. What a friggin liar, all that's happened so far is one bloke offered me 50p to log off and three more said they would come round and kick the shit out of me if I didn't fuck off.
    And what's this shit about gardening uphill, who farms on a friggin slope, and why would the bloke want to give me money for it? Seems this fuckin rumrat was a bit dodgy by my reckoning.
    Still I suppose you lot just know him for his work with the church and his overseas missionary work with young girls. Must have been nice in those days.
    I paid 73p for this fame he said he had. I know I shouldn't have trusted the black enamel bitch.
    If anyone knows his 20 let me know I'll kill the bastard.

    Pastures new? Is that about this gardening/farming thing again?
  10. Only the 'up-hill gardener' kind

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