Lynx Wildcat

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, May 13, 2009.

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  1. :roll: So 2015 for the Wafus !!!Soleil just in time for the Lizzie and Prince of Wales :wink: :wink:
  2. Just in time for the future Prince of Wales and Harry Hewitt, when they finally realises a more proffesional approach to their armed forces career's is required.
  3. Typical MoD. Won't pay for a whole new helicopter but bastardise an old airframe. Give it a new name with a wopping price tag.

    It's an AH64 Wanabe. An attack version of the current Lynx which will have a small troop carrying capability.

    Call it what they will it's still a Lynx!!!!!
  4. AH64 wanabe OMG hands to flying stations!! what no winch :wink:
  5. That's a nice pic, Scouse.

    Did you take any good ones at Greenwich?
  6. :oops: Hell no!!!! the flypast was over that quick, didnt have time to put the film in my Box Brownie :wink: :wink: Borrowed?? these for you though
  7. Hmm, so the new engines that are supposed to be better makes it slower?

    Surely that would mean it would have less power... and then be able to carry less?

    I'm probably wrong... could someone enlighten me?
  8. Ironically, I suspect that Wildcat may be fine and dandy for RN small ship tasks. It's the AAC who are really getting the unhygienic extremity of the pole on this one.

    Still, as long as we keep jobs at Westlands who cares! :roll:

  9. In aviation, all things are a trade off. Yes it is quoted as having more power, but it's needed to lift more weight, (weapons/armament). As a consequence speed has suffered, but endurance has increased.

    Like I said a trade off.
  10. Agree 100% there matey.

    Its a tarted up lynx, a great chopper, 20 years ago!
  11. NH90 = the way forwards. It even keeps jobs at Westlands...
  12. ...but is too close in performance to Merlin.
  13. To save me the job of googling. What is NH90?
  14. Thats the bunny.

    MM, forgive which may sound a stupid quesiton, but why is it being too close to Merlin that bad? It's smaller, more Puma sized, than the Merlin - which is 6 metres longer? And its only a little bigger than Lynx - 1m longer and taller. Greater capability than Lynx, while not stepping size wise on Merlin? Or is it something else I have (very likely) missed?
  15. :wink: :wink: Wouldnt you prefer this bunny??? :wink:
  16. I would Scouse, no doubt, if I could see it!
  17. my bad :oops:

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