Lynx or Merlin

I`m currently doing my AET training in sultan, and we have now come to the time of deciding which aircraft we want to work on.
I`m stuck between Lynx and Merlin, not knowing which is best, i would prefer Merlin because of Culdrose, but is it the best choice??

can anyone help give me anymore insight into either aircraft?
Sorry mate, can't help you on that one, but i'm sure there's guys on here that will.

(Thought a Lynx was a type of wild cat and Merlin was King Arthurs oppo???) :lol:


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Well, as a stoker & therefore eminently qualified in this field, it's obvious the answer's Merlin, innit?
If only 'cos Lynx is an aerosol.
yo boy . bit off your topic sorry. but whats the training like at sultan. i heard a few are droppin out of the AET traingin cus its pretty tough. im looking at doin the course.
cheers best
Ninja_Stoker said:
Good point Higin 2527!
OOOh, SC chill back FFS. Go and give yourself a self-imposed kit muster!
I meant "if you want more wafus to post why not put it in the FAA forum".
Didnt mean it nasty :?

FWIW Higin, think about what ships/roles they fulfill and what you want to get into. If you're a grubber the lynx is a nice cab to work, but has a lot of NDT and flexops, and you'll be on 22's, poss 42's. If you want to end up SMR its the way to go. If you're AV (or going to be) you might prefer pingers, more to do on those, but thats not to say the Lx Mk8 doesnt have plenty to interest you either. If no current Wafu's respond to you, try asking your div SR to put you in touch with the squadrons you're considering (talk to watch chiefs and trade chiefs) and ask, its not brown nosing, and remember just because you train on Merlin doesn't mean you are stuck on type, thats what DPCs are for (or whatever they call em these days).

Kit mustered and ready for inspection. Me boots are a right state, and me plimmys are a disgrace.....Im off for a Fireschool run or twenty.
re bestj
training at sultan has been quite a dos, as long as you knuckle down and to the revising, most of its pretty straight forward.
And theres allways time for loads of piss ups and still get the grades.
haha sounds good 2 me. well im just finishing a level maths so im hoping i shouldnt find the maths areas too hard. which shud giv me a boost.
by the advice ive got buddy sounds liek if u wana hav more seatime go for the lynx. merlins are more based at culdrose. so if u want shoretime go that way.
i think if i go your route ide like to get some seatime and go for lynx.

how hard is the physics your doing then? i fuckin h8 physics lol.
The only physics we have done is theory of flight, but i wouldn`t worry the go right back to basics, i hadn`t done physics or maths for 8 yrs and i`m finding it piss easy.
haha fair enough sounds good to me. im doin alevel physics and maths and pe. so im hoping i can get on that fasttrack.
sayin that. i ******* stink at physics lol. and maths im coping with.
whats the p.t like at phase 2. much of the fitness stuff that demanding? cheers for awnsering
i've always preferred working on Lynx due to the fact that when you put it in the shed (when you're embarked) thats it. You have only the one aircraft to work on and not an endless stream of duff cabs awaiting your attention (such is the case when on a big squadron) the down side is that there is no other watch to hand over to when the brown stuff hits the rotating thingy, which sometimes happens. ........and of course the constant hassle of sorting out the pile of shite most back afty's hand over post embarking and stokers trying to find things wrong with the cab (when their eyes get accustomed to the light) to get into Cockpit for a good show. blessum

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