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Lyme Regis to Sandbanks run


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Any of you fitter types had a go at this, some of the ex Poole Booties will remember the Chapmans Pool area, a real killer on the legs. (From an email sent to me)

A small team of us are taking on the "Oner" in aid of Help For Heroes.

We have 24 hours to race the clock from Lyme Regis to Sandbanks ferry across the cliff path, some 78.5 miles of hell.

It will be dark within 90 mins of start and we will be running on head torches throught the night shift.

The history of this event goes some way to describing how hard the event is. In 2007, 20 runners started the course and only 5 finished. In 2008 the event had to be pulled at the first check point as the weather had deteriorated to the point where preventing loss of life became a priority. The 50 or so runners were taken to a shelter point until 5am when they started a short version of the course (50 miles!). Only 18 made it to the end. If you want a real 'life' challenge do this race. If you want a easy life, don’t.

78.6 miles approx

Lyme Regis. » Map

Please see Runners Information for final timings
Sat 15:00 Meet at the Studland Chain ferry
Sat 16:00 Transport to Lyme Regis start point
Sat 18:00 Race starts
Sun 18:00 Race cut off

The Jurassic Coast is famed for its undulations. With quite possibly more up then down the terrain is challenging to say the least. Very steep rocky cliff paths, shingle, sand, mud and some tarmac if you are lucky. The first section of the route starts aggressively with a climb up Golden Cap early on then levels out for a nice stroll along Chesil Bank. Then through the lovely flat sea side resort of Weymouth then it really starts: Osmington Mills, Ringstead Bay, Durdle Door, Lulworth Cove and Tyneham village finishing at Kimmeridge Bay. The last 3rd of the route is probably the wildest of the lot passing over Chapmans Pool, St Aldhelms Head and Dancing Ledge before hauling you up and over Ballard Down to tip your hat to Old Harry rocks, finishing at Shell Bay, Studland.

The event is self navigation. You must be able to use a map and compass effectively. A large part of the running is done at night along the cliff paths. There is a inherent danger to any one entering this event. You must be 100% confident in your ability to operate effectively through the night and in to the next day.
You have to maintain a average speed of just over 3 mph to complete the distance in 24hrs. Check point cut off times will be calculated and published before the event. If you are late for a check point you will be removed from the race.


This sounds amazing. I'm a big fan of endurance events like this!

I often walk the Jurrasic Coast paths in the summer - from Weymouth to Sandbanks, for example - so I know exactly the terrain the Jurrasic Coast consists of and know how much of a hellish 24hrs that run would entail!

Good luck to you guys.