lyke wake walk

Im doing the lyke wake walk for charity on the the 31st of august. If you don't already know, It is a 42 mile walk around the yorkshire moors. Has anyone done this before?

Rodge-Nufc said:
well if anyone has, what was it like?
Well it goes somthing like this,Move your left leg and right arm forwards in unison,then when they dont go any further switch to your right leg and left arm,and ferk me its called WALKING, :wink: now do that for the 42 miles and you have cracked it,let me know how you get on, :D
Train hard fight easy.

In other words if you walk regular over long distances of say at least fifteen/twenty miles on a undulating course this walk will be a doddle.

Start slowly not like the virgin distance walking prats who used to enter long distance walks and dashed away at the start to be fubar a few miles later. I must get in front I am being left behind :roll:

If you need a break take short breaks. Take plenty of water drink often. High energy bars and bananas are my thing.

Enjoy the day take in the scenery the golf balls at Fylingdales are no longer there just a lump of concrete now. If you get chance take a look at the Hole of Horcum a stunning view. A nice days walk[weather permitting] the thought you are walking for a charity will help you over the miles, forget the distance think of the pub and that pint at the end.

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