Lying twats

Yesterday the cat got skittled, that's run over to you poms. Now normally I wouldn't have give a sh1t but the dog was three feet behind and I loved that fucker.
Anyhow I thought life sucks I need some fun. Having seen the advert for Pringles I thought :!: :!: I'll get some of them there is stacks of fun in every tube.
I bought them, opened then, and ate.
FUCKIN liers, I ended up with a saw mouth,tasting of salt and cardboard, still thinking about Fido, but now feeling guilty as he loved crisps, and I very near broke my heart. No fun at all in the box so tomorrow I will sue them.
Top the box up with thick, warm grease and shag it. that's where the fun is...allegedly. Alternatively get 4 empty boxs, grab a cat and stick its legs through them and watch it try to run.

There's acres of fun to be had with a Pringles tube, you just need to use your imagination.
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