Lwtr Paul "Basher" Bates


Me and Mrs JFH have been good friends with Pauls wife for many years. Sadly Paul passed away in 2000 just before he started his EVT's. Paul left two young girls and they have now got to the age where they want to know more about thier Dad. I was fortunate enough to know Paul during my 360 Squadron days (91-94). I belive he did mostly smaller ships before that (survey ships). After 360 he went to London (Northwood) then to 810 OEU at Boscome Down. He finished up again in London.
I have photo's (360) and a few stories I could tell, and a few I cant.

Did you know Paul?

Do you have any photo's you could email (with dates etc)

I understand the name Basher Bates may mean a few people in the mob, He was from Stoke On Trent, Quitely Spoken.

Cheers all

JFH (Sold to the spams)
Paul joined up just after me and I served with him at PEMBROKE and HERON in the late 70s and Northwood in '83. I heard about his passing the day I rejoined (Easterish) in 2000. He was indeed a good bloke with a slightly bizarre sense of humour.

Not sure about photos as I'm not good on nostaglia and don't really have many from my time in. He is on my wedding photos, but I no longer have them! I will have a look though, and also know someone else who was a good mate of his who may well have access to some phots. I'll let you know if I find anything - though it may take a while and is by no means certain that I will have any joy.
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