Luxuriating Aft

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by invinoveritas, Jun 16, 2007.

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  1. Are those who luxuriated aft still referred to as "pigs" by those who lived in squalor in the sharp end?
  2. Who lived in squalor Norman?
  3. Has this subjected you all to silence?
  4. 'Bin Bags' seems to be the popular phrase now for those who push the boat around.
  5. Pardon.
  6. I've only heard the term pigs used when referring to those that make up the 'midships ballast'. On boats, back afties are bin bags as previously mentioned. Actually, that'll just be the flunob back afties. On O boats, all the stokers lived back aft so they were naturally the clankies, mostly.
  7. Where does Bin Bags come from?
  8. Buffers store?

    Semper Strenuissima
  9. Still don't get it
  10. Er, keep trying...
  11. Tesco's

  12. He's got to be a civvy not to get that! :)
  13. Well inver since you ask nicely…yes they are..
    The story goes …long ago and far away some sailerboys were very naughty and their lordships decided to hang erm so they wouldn’t do it again….anyway Queen Vic, who was sitting on the throne at the time heard about the plight of her employees and told erm to confess their sins and they could have royal pardon ……so she duly signed a chitty and sent it onboard…….
    On hearing this the sailerboys were delighted and duly confessed to all and everything they could think of…….and were promptly hung to death……
    On learning about this Queenie was a bit miffed and described the officers who did it as “pigs†…

    the rest is history….

  14. Was this not the mutiny before the battle of the nile, or thereabouts? Please excuse me - I'm getting on a bit and I'm going into the 'blind pilotage' stage of life!!
  15. Well that Battle was 1798 so Queen Vicky was not on the throne so one bit is wrong.

  17. Nope it was somewhere around the 1850's or 60's, perhaps a tad earlier.
    Old Vic referred to them as pigs because they mutineed or some such.
    At the same time the length of the cords their swords hung from was increased so that the swords, if let go of, would drag along the ground; a mark of disgrace which continues to this day.
    Rumour has it that she had Osborne built where it is so she could keep an eye on the troublesome gold ringers.
    For those of us from the 'other orders' is should be noted that nothing on the uniform has such a dubious background

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