Lusty on the one show live



The One Show were good as gold when they were down with us for the Olympic torch too. Someone on there must like us.


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About time we had a bit more PR. Very good to see.

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And Dan Snow explained the difference between the Union Jack and the Union Flag, hope the Sun and other redtops took note.
That was a great show tonight. Also HMS Scott is docked in Swansea. On the BBC website it stats that she is open to the public on Saturday. Any ideas how I would get a tour, silly question maybe but not sure if I can just turn up.
Erm Scouse.... Please tell me your eyesight isn't getting that bad? By my count there was one stringbag (may it fly forever) 1 Lynx, 1 merlin, 1 sea king 5 and 1 sea king 4. We haven't quite got control of the merlin 3 yet. Although when Dan Snow mentioned the orange and grey Sea King like the sort flown by Prince William I could understand the confusion.

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Really good to see some positive PR.

There must be nearly as many matelots that are currently in the Navy (34,000 ish), that like me, once served on Lusty. It'll be very sad to see her go.

I particularly appreciated the very 'pro Navy' commentary with regard the number of manpower and ships, but thought it interesting the Captain thought the service was sufficiently sized to undertake its current tasking, with no mention of its limitations with regard operational capability, Somalia being just one case in point. Then again, if we drip at every opportunity, the opportunities to argue our case diminish. The current length of ratings sea drafts and operational tempo cause significant retention issues with the common complaint being "all work, no play". That said, I've no doubt the current ships company will be having an excellent run ashore in the capital.

All in all, good stuff.
The incredible Eric 'Winkle' Brown CBE, DSC, AFC, Hon FRAeS has been interviewed on several occasions during the past week but it was especially good to see him on TV.

Daily Mail 7 May 2013 said:
He's flown more planes than anyone else in history - and took 2,000 Nazis prisoner single-handed. And now, at 94, he's telling his breathtaking story

But Captain Eric ‘Winkle’ Brown RN is very much alive and in sparkling form as he pours me a glass of sherry at his West Sussex home and reflects on an astonishing life. This is the man who has flown more aircraft than anyone else in history.

He was the first man to fly a jet on and off an aircraft carrier. He has set aviation records that will almost certainly never be broken and is revered as one of the greatest test pilots of all time. But even if you take out the aerobatics, his story is remarkable. Here is a man who narrowly cheated death in the wreckage of a torpedoed ship, helped to liberate Belsen and took 2,000 enemy prisoners armed only with a pistol.

In the immediate aftermath of the war, Eric had to interrogate a bewildering cross-section of leading Nazis, including Hermann Goering, as well as plane manufacturer Enrst Heinkel and designer Willie Messerchmitt. What’s more, he then had to test all their aircraft. And all this before turning 30. Little wonder that when he arrived at Buckingham Palace at the grand old age of 28 for the fourth time, to receive the AFC in addition to the DSC, MBE and OBE he had already received, George VI greeted him with the words: ‘Not you again.’...
That was a great show tonight. Also HMS Scott is docked in Swansea. On the BBC website it stats that she is open to the public on Saturday. Any ideas how I would get a tour, silly question maybe but not sure if I can just turn up.
You can. Just turn up. SOTV is from 11 till 4; as crowds usually flock to these events, try to get there early.
With regard to the flypast, I found myself in a slightly strange situation.

I was down on the Thames at that point, very close to where HMS Edinburgh currently is, but on the Tower side.

Some 5 minutes before it was due, a family came to get closer to the Thames and the Bridge and I heard the children asking about the two ships they could see on the other side of the river, but their mum didn't know which ships they were. The kids were clearly very excited at seeing Tower Bridge and asked their Mum to take photos of them. As they were jostling with each other for the best position in front of the Bridge, I could see the flypast approaching in the distance behind them and, as it approached the Bridge, their Mum pointed it out to the kids, who were beside themselves with excitement. Ships to marvel at and now a plane followed by a group of helicopters flying over Tower Bridge as they were having photos taken ...

They asked their Mum why the aircraft were there, but she didn't know.

I said to one of the kids .... "umm, it's a commemoration of the Battle of the Atlantic" ... but I knew she probably wouldn't understand ...

so I switched to German and began explaining to her in a language she would be able to.

Her Mum and the other kids crowded round as I pointed out the various aircraft, explained the different roles of the helos they could see, then told them about the programme being broadcast from Greenwich. I told them about the two ships they had admired, HMS Belfast and HMS Edinburgh and that the Edinburgh had come in for the commemoration.

At that point, I told them about the Evensong the previous evening at St Paul's and that some of the people there had lost family members during the Battle Of the Atlantic.

It seemed a little surreal to be explaining all this in German.

Their Mum thanked me warmly afterwards for my explanation and I think that the kids appreciated it; they were just so young, though, I'm not sure that they really understood what it was all about.
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