Lusty deploying to the Gulf

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by P2000, Nov 2, 2007.

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  1. Torygraph article here:

    "A Royal Navy aircraft carrier will be deployed in the Gulf next spring, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

    "Illustrious will sail for the highly sensitive waters near Iran accompanied by Edinburgh, a Type 42 destroyer whose main role is providing air defence, and Westminster, a Type 23 frigate.

    "Two minesweepers and three support vessels from the Royal Fleet Auxiliary will complete the deployment for Operation Orion 08.

    Just in time for things kicking off with Iran?
  2. I just feel sorry for those on there. It's bad enough that you're drafted to a carrier, then defence watches in the Gulf on top? And I bet they don't go near the point where you get the extra NAG allowance.
  3. Feel sorry for a Carrier ( Through Deck Cruiser to be correct) Queen, please do not make me laugh too much my ribs cannot take it.
  4. Not everybody on a carrier is a Carrier Queen. I didn't ask to be drafted to one, but that's what I got.
  5. "Illustrious will sail for the highly sensitive waters near Iran accompanied by Edinburgh, a Type 42 destroyer whose main role is providing air defence, and Westminster, a Type 23 frigate........whose main role will be to try and keep up!!!".......... :w00t:
  6. I was aboard Lusty on Tuesday in the North Sea (for once nice weather, not blowing a hoolie). The 2 1/2 in charge of strike ops said that by the year's end they will have been away from Pompey for 240 days - two thirds of the year. I think that's a rate similar to the River-class.
    Good bunch of people on board. Interesting I've never really noticed the rivalry with Ark until now, sorry "the other ship" as the Lusty lot refer to her. Admittedly I've spent rather more time in the past seven years on Ark...
  7. i join her when she gets back from this trip

    hopefully for some nice time alongside :)
  8. Cant beat the old Ark from the 70s , happy 6 years indeed .
  9. I was on Hermes second commish ---1960's they used to dread bringing her alongside cos the crew numbers that ''missed their ship'' when she left
    again was getting beyond a joke.
    Sea time and carriers was bad news .

    :nemo: :nemo:

    Does the inclusion of DILIGENCE reflect our current lack of overseas Bases or is it a new insurance policy for TRAFALGAR?

    So EDINBURGH is providing only 25% of the Group's air defence screen. I suppose it's a good way of assessing the options when only 4 Type 45s are commisioned.
  11. If I was on "LUSTY" I'd rather the USS COLE was providing me with air cover than a tired out T42 no slur on EDINBURGH intended. BUT !!! I have to point out GLOUCESTER did shoot down a SILKWORM missile with Seadart in 1991 even if it had gone passed her!!! I was lucky enough to hear the recording of the engagement on Open Line, especially the bit when the skipper falls down the ladder into the Ops Room after the missile had been launched by the Missile Director. Nice one Eddie!!
  12. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Well believe it or not Seadart is still the only system to have taken out an anti ship missile. And I think the inclusion of the foreigners is more of a united front/interoperability thing rather than a gap filler - after all what is the credible Air threat to the TG in the Gulf.....
  13. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    SOP for Dil to be about when a boat is east of Suez - after all which former overseas base in the Indian Ocean should we have kept.... DG?
  14. Contributor Mode

    Assuming it does not breach Ops Sec will either the RN or RAF crews of the Harrier Ground attack aircraft be qualified in night flying from the deck of Illustrious or don't they do night flying.

    I only ask as from the books I read about Falklands only A/Crew from Invincible had trained and qualified for Night Deck take off and landings. The Hermes Squadron apparently did not think it was necessary which apparently (it may be debatlable point) it was and I wondered what modern policy was.

  15. RAF GR9s have [probably) done night take off and landings from a CVS after all were have all the SHAR pilots gone pre JSF if it ever arrives. Being primarily ground attack they certainly will not have the SHAR air to air capability. The reports from Helmund state the guys on the ground prefer the US for air support anyway.
    Believe me give me a ARLEIGH BURKE looking after me up threat any day, we still don't have a 3D radar except ermm SAMPSON . Watch the T45 become the same piece of botch and scarperas the T23 - GWS 26 Seawolf 6km whites of the eyes - thats if it leaves the fecking tube.
    If it moves ask the yanks to kill it. The RAF will do it after tea.
  16. That is a totally crap post the stuff you keep to yourself. If you don't like it then bugger off to some other countries navy.
  17. Hey mate I speak fom experience our equipment, at best 3rd world ,wake up get in the firing line and when the missile doesn't leave the launcher call for your'e maker or your mum but believe me they don't help.
    When it comes your way at mach 0.65 pray you're ashore or taking your pension.

    You Tosser
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    They will all have been qualified for night flying - the only detail is how recently and therefore how many sorties they will need to regain the qual. This has always been the case, even with the FA2 and it was not unusual for a Sqn to embark with only one or 2 current - doesn't take long to fix.

    I would take any 800 vs 801 tales from '82 with a pinch of salt, particularily those told by Sharkey Ward as that rivalry did distort facts - all FRS1 pilots were trained in night flying and on re-embarking had to requalify as they do now, Invinc was more current.

    IIRC the only night sorties flown were against the recce 707s south of Ascension
  19. Thanks S-F its nice to get some personal knowledge about subjects I know nothing about. Hit the SW bit bang on.

  20. these can't be the only rn ships out in the gulf this year, cos i'm sure i've heard of other ships planned to go out.

    gonna be a big party out there or something?

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