Lung tester

Hi can anybody help. I know this has been covered before but not in great detail. The divers lung tester, I need a photo or a diagram of the inside of one of these. There is one diagram on line already but not a great one. Any help would be appreciated
I can find lung testers no probs. It’s a diagram of the inside I’m after
There is on on the net ( blow soot] I’m after a photo of the inside of somebody’s lung tester
@Cainey - At the link provide by @janner there is a "Get in Touch" Option:

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As you are getting nowhere with your Inquiry at RR what is preventing you from asking them?

....Or perhaps you are waiting for someone here to do it for you?
I already have that one but thank you very much for trying,you have been the only nice person to respond all the rest have been hostile. I’m ex Royal Navy time served and expected I better reception.

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