LUNAR ECLIPSE - 2244-2358 3rd March

If you haven't seen it yet, get yer arse outside and look up in the sky for the best view of the moon I have ever seen.

really clear sky and the moon actually looks 3D and red


I remember the total eclipse of the sun , I think it was in 1999 , I was in the Citadal overlooking Plymouth Hoe , there was thousands on the Hoe , It seemed to sweep in over the Sound , very very strange & deathly quiete , then everyone started clapping cos they had witnessed something truly wonderful on that day , It was awesome , will always remember It ,
I'm sure down in the Barbican they would have appreciated the clap!

Looks quite impressive in rural Somerset. Started off as a creeping shadow from the South; looked a bit like a cloud layer; except there wasn't any.
I adore the way that the moon looks like what it is - a sphere hanging over us rather than cold and flat as I feel it usually does. Very very beautiful :cool:


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bit cloudy down in old Cornwall, couldn't see much through the bedroom wall - I needs me beauty sleep I does! Seen eclipses afore!

Remember the one to which Dondon refers, was across the water in Millbrook, the quietness was the strange thing about it! But the best part was we had a black cockerell which everybody agreed was like all chickens, grounded! Well when the sun came back out again we all looked around and could hear the bird calling but we couldn't find it - it was then spotted on the roof of a three story building looking rather surprised! Needed a ladder to get the bugger down! Te! he! :shock:

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