Lucky Punter?

In today's Sun page 21 there is a story of the punter who has the distinction of winning 23 consecutive bets on the nags with winnings of £135,528.Great until you read he laid out £1,356,021! roughly 1/10 odds
Now I've mentioned before for 30 years I ran Casino's and I don't gamble but these odds are ridiculous,
bet red or black on roulette and you get near enough an even money bet[Cover the Zero with a side bet]
He once laid out £ 102,000 to win £6,000,these are bad odds,a horse could fall,be nobbled or whatever.
I have no knowledge of Horse racing but I do know all my time in the Casino's whenever a punter told me he had a system I always offered to send a taxi for him.
If there was I would be driving a Bentley believe me but I will listen to any Horse racing experts who may know things I don't re.the tracks.
Good luck to him anyway money from the Bookies is a good thing but they will have an answer for him somewhere.
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