Lucky HMS Rorqual!!!

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scouse, Aug 13, 2010.

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  1. From U109s Log.... 17th November, returning to Lorient, by the green route, the approved u boat approach by HQ. At 200hrs a large submarine surfaced in front of U109( Bleichrodt) range 800 yrds Lt Keller asked permission to fire saying he thought it was a Tommy??? Bear away to port said Blechrodt full ahead and Zig Zag!! Later that night the Captain, told the men ,that in that grid square, he had orders not to fire on any submarine, because it might be an Italian. Records showed it was indeed a Tommy HMS Rorqual(Napier) who was mine laying off La Rochelle the day after Kellers Sighting
  2. Lucky buggers! Wow.
  3. Scouse - For some reason, the account you quote seems to conflict with the final paragraph of the following passage. It must have been the same month and year as RORQUAL spent the other years of the war in the Mediterranean.

    Did RORQUAL's lookouts have vivid imaginations or was this a separate incident that made her doubly lucky?

  4. :wink: So it's clear that it was not a german u-boat. none of them was in BF on the 19th only U-562 on the way from Brest to Lorient. So either it was a torpedoboat, an italian u-boat or as you say a vivid imagination
  5. More info ......RORQUAL sighted the lights of a fishing vessel from the direction from which the torpedoes???? were fired. There was the possibility this was an armed trawler or a Q-ship but this is improbable as the Germans would not run Q-ships in areas used by U-boats [I think that they did use some off the Spanish coast]. I can confirm that there were no Italian submarines in this area at this time.

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