Lucky b**gers....move to Oz anyone?

Discussion in 'International' started by farmer_jack, Apr 25, 2009.

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  1. Aren't they struggling to get people to join the armed forces though? Who are they going to get to use this new hardware?
  2. The antipodes have been fairly hammered by the present financial difficulties, along with everyone else.
    Boom and bust, boom and bust etc...
  3. If I recall correctly, the mining industry is taking a hit now. Perhaps some of the engineers could be made an offer to rejoin?
  4. I hate gordon brown... the one eyed idiot
  5. Maybe there planning on ex brits. After GB and his mates run down the armed forces further.
  6. We'll believe it when we see it. This Rudd government is just like any other full of empty promises.
    Crazy Kevin looks like Harry Potter, speaks Mandarin and has turned a 50 Billion Dollar surplus into a 21 Billion Dollar defecit in two years. Our coal goes the China, our LPG goes to China and he will cripple our Industries with his Climate change reforms.
    Maybe our new armed forces will be manned by little yellow men from the east. Funny thing, I thought our fathers fought to prevent that. :cry:
  7. Mine was in the RAF Band in the 50s, so not in my case.
  8. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Edited for drunken posting!
  9. Come on Down...its great...and Kevin747...well enough said about the milkybar kid...BTW the Labor Gov didnt order the new ships for the RAN :D 8)
  10. I've signed up for the aussies because im Pissed off with the RN. I went to a recent interview, coz the aussies were over here on a recruiting drive. There was quite a few matelots wanting to make the move over there!

    The aussies, it seems have the right idea. They realise that they are a maritime country and want to plough their money into new ships and establishments. Unlike this bleeding government here, whereby, its a bun fight between all 3 forces, on who gets on the 5 year waiting list for a hand out.

    Im a killick CIS in the mob and theres too many senior rates in the mob, to billets. Theres mates of mine who are senior rates, crying out for a draft and draftee havent got any! By the time the new 45's and carriers are out on the oggin, the 23's will want replacing. Either that or they'll have sold them all to chile or Romania!
  11. Sussex, not overly sure, but I thought I heard a report that the Aussies had weathered the recent international financial storm better than most others, they were either one of the 1st out of, or did not go into recession at all.

    I would look for a link, but I am knackered and ready for my pit, and when I eventually make it back into the land of the living I will probably have forgotten I ever made this post.
  12. The aussies never went in to recession.
  13. I have no idea about figures but base my opinion on the experience of friends.
    They have been living in NZ for more than 20years and own a successful company. However they have decided to sell up and move out of NZ (Auckland and a boat building business) because of:
    Crime, drugs, excessive immigration and a general dereliction of the place.
    They are coming back to the UK, not because they think it is necessarily better, but in order to take stock and see how to go forward.
    I love living where I do (both places) but can see the downsides of both and would generally warn against wearing rose coloured specs :wink:
  14. Wondered why we have more kiwis living in AUSTRALIA than they have in New Zealand
  15. **** off, we're full.
  16. And more of both lots living in the UK than over there. Not quite I know but there are an awful lot :lol:
  17. i agree with everything u have stated,but what is the alturnative
  18. Well after the end of next year (2010) you can reduce that figure by one, as I'm going home. :D

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