luckiest copper alive

There are Luckier Coppers than him. During the 1966 investigations in the murder of three Police Officer manning the Q Car in Shepherds Bush London many officer were brought into the investigation. A large number were also armed. A DI of my acquaintance was a DS on the Flying Squad at the time and had been out with his team on an armed raid.

Weapons in that day came in only one type for general use Webley .38 revolvers left over from WW11. All were well worn and rather loose if anything. Well the hero of the story was attempting to unload his revolver in front of the Station Sergeant, who was sitting at his desk, at a West London Police Station. When "BANG" said weapon discharges and Station Officers being hit in the chest falls to the ground. "Feck me" says our hero "I have shot him".

But God shines down on the righteous and Old Bill. The bullet entered his left breast tunic pocket, hit his Police whistle, always inspected and worn in them days. Deflected to wards his left arm passing through his Note book. (Great at court, "May I see your notes officer" "Sorry My Lord but they were destroyed by a bullet when I was shot"). This greatly reduced the velocity and said bullet came of of the cloth and fell to the floor.

The Station Sergeant got up and said"What the shit happened that fecking hurt you bastard".

After completing as little paper work as possible, ie how to account for a discharged round, all parties retired to the local boozer and got well pissed. (That was called counseling in them days).


This link will tell you the "Story of Foxtrot 11"

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