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This from Face Book, I am not sure how many of you knew her, however, I feel it fiting that I place the following on here:

Basic Info
Type: Common Interest - Health & Wellness
Description: This group has been formed (1, because Tasha spelt her name wrong!) & 2, to pay our respects to the well loved Toni Mugridge (Jemma's Mum.) R.I.P - You will be missed.

Contact Info
Location: Aldershot, United Kingdom

She died at age 41 after a short Illness, as an SCC Lt (CO Farnham Unit), she dedicated most of her life to the SCC and was very well thought off.

Over to you guys

RIP Toni.


Lantern Swinger
"It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Lt( SCC) Toni Mugridge RNR passed away on Monday 23rd June 2008 after a short illness.

Toni had been a member of T.S. Swiftsure since she joined the GNTC in 1978. Since then she had worked her way up through the ranks and various roles within the Unit and elsewhere to become Commanding Officer in the year 2000, only stepping down from this role in 2007 to dedicate more time to one of her great passions - the Unit Band."

A lifelong dedication not often seen today.

Thanks to Toni and condolences to her family and friends.

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