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Lt Col Bear Grylls RMR

A Bear in the Corp. Bloody hell; we'll be having a Gorilla in the Ice Patrol Ship next. Actually, Bear might have been more at home there as the PROTECTOR was formerly the MV Polar Bear (but in Noggie speak).


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War Hero
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I assume he wasn't wearing camera make up when he attended, unlike the last time he popped in to say hello at CTCRM..? :wink:
Always preferred Ray Mears myself, this was reinforced when listening to Mr "if I move an inch to the right I'll fall to my death!" Grilles on" Desert Island Discs", when he mentioned that his dad was a Royal Marines Major and he wanted to get one up on him!.....well Bear you failed miserably on two counts mate, Ray Mears blows you out of the water all things wilderness/survival and your dad not only outranks you but outclasses you......erm wasn't Jimmy Savile was an honoury?
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Met him at SandQuay wearing what he found in a scran bag, gave us a funny salute and then spana shit dit. THROBBER royal wanna be.

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He's a bit like the modern submariner, spending his "off watch" in hotels when he's doing his "surviving".
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