lt cmdr John Eyton-jones pictures on ship

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by russell_breen, Jun 25, 2008.

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  1. On the 6th May 1982 my wifes farther Lt Cmdr John Eyton-Jones from 802 squadron left the invincible on a cap over the noth Atlantic during the Falklands war, he was flying shar no xz452 he never returned, my wife has no grave to visit and very few photos of him , we have posted all kinds of messages on lots of different forums and would ask anybody reading who was on the Invincible at the time of the falklands campaign to try to remember if they have any photos of John on deck or in his plane or any stories about him so as we can see what life was like on ship before his death.We posted a message on the Pprune website but as yet have had no photos.More than anything else we would love to show our 3 boys their Grandfarther with his friends and shipmates, they would love to speek to him themselves but he has made the ultimate sacrifice, so we ask you for your help.
    Many thanks for reading
    Russ husband of Anna Eyton-jones
  2. I am an ex FAA Buccaneer person myself.Their are some photos and story of your father in law at the FAA meusem Yoevilton/ Falklands stand and also his name is on the wall of rememberance at Alrewas in Staffs and of course St Barts Yoevilton. Kind regards Scouse :salut:
  3. Many thanks , Anna and I are constantly overwhelmed by the help offered from ex-service personel, I am sure we will have some success with this soon.
    Kind regards to you
  4. I served on first commission with him but I think you will find it was 801 squadron under Cmdr Sharkey Ward.

    I have a commission book lurking around somewhere & I will look to see if there are any phots that can be scanned.

    Left Invinc (demobbed) a few days before she sailed for the falklands and was sad to hear the news of course, I met him (I did his pay!) and from memory was a nice chap.

  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    There may well be reference to him in the Squadron line book, some of these are still held by the squadron and some are at the FAA Museum, they have a research facility available but you need to contact them via their website. If it was 801 Sdn then they are currently (temporarily decommissioned) I have pm'd you with contact details.
  6. Sharkey
  7. Confirmed -801 Squadron
  8. Thanks so much China
    if you have anything at all please send it on, I was interested to hear from my wife's mother recently just how much a Harrier pilot earned at this time (not a lot) when you consider what had to be done to earn it, doesn't seem right that people(all service personel) to whom we owe such a lot, don't get looked after as well as they should.
    Thanks again
  9. Request has been posted on Chockhead site & SAMA82 website
  10. Sorry i can offer not help but best of luck with your search. :salut:
  11. Have just been emailed by someone who served with him on 892 & Invincible but have to wait for his permission to pass on his details
  12. Russel if your Wife goes to

    she may be eligible to join as a special member the forums are very active and have lots of Falklands veterans from the Invincible,who would certainly be able to shares memories,there is also a Garden of Rememberence where all the fallen are listed and tributes can be submitted

    If your wife knows the name of any of the Squadron , members and some are listed in Sharkey Wards book pm Hydra Joe on here and im sure he will be able to give additional information

    SAMA82 is a a proactive organisation of several thousand Falkland Veterans dedicated to supporting and remembering the contribution of all involved in 82 whether it be those involved in combat or there familys
  13. You have been PM'd by someone who could help.

    good luck
  14. Hi,

    PM'ed you some info.

    Good Luck.

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