Lt Cmdr Frank Greenaway - HMS Hoste

An American website includes a copy of a painting of HMS Hoste, by Lt Cmdr Frank "Raffles" Greenaway. The image, at Destroyer Escort Photo Index DE-521 HMS HOSTE K-566 and HMS HOSTE K 566 , was donated by his son, Jeremy Greenaway.

I would like to contact Jeremy but the website manager has been unable to help as Jeremy's address was lost during a system crash. I am posting this here in the hope that he, or his family/friends, come across it in the fullness of time and kindly make contact.
Hello Metman!
Quite by chance, I came across the Navy Net site, and your signal about the copy of the painting by my father of K-566 HMS Hoste, which he commanded in the closing months of the war. He joined the ship at the end of March 1945 and although the Admiralty listed him as 1st Lieut, his papers show him in command. It was only a brief spell, as he left to take over another Yank - HMS Bentley - to end the Eiropean war and take back to New York - I've got a fascinating typewritten 'contract' formally accepting the return of the ship from him signed by the Admiral of the NY Navy Yard. Anyway, I guess as your 'handle' is Metman, you must have been in her for D-Day. I'd be very happy for you to get in touch - my email is [email protected]

Yours aye!
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