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Lt Cdr Tim Barker (Deceased - Oct 2013)


War Hero
Copied from FaceBook.


Firstly, my sincere apologies to anyone not informed personally, or who has not already heard the sad news that Lt Cdr Tim Barker RN (of 771 Naval Air Squadron), passed away unexpectedly at home, on 17 October 2013.

Tim was an outstanding SAR Observer and Fleet Air Arm Officer who had served with distinction previously both within 771 NAS and GANNET SAR Flight, as well as on several Op Tours overseas.

I am writing with details of the military funeral, which will be held on Friday 01 November 2013 in Helston. Rig for Service personnel will be 1B (headgear, medals, no swords), or equivalent. The family have asked for no flowers or gifts, but that donations are made to the RNRMC in memory of Tim.

At this stage, 771 NAS is trawling for Service volunteers to act as Pall-Bearers and the family have asked for friends and colleagues of Tim to take on this role. Volunteers must be available to attend rehearsals commencing from 1300 on Wed 30 Oct 13 at RNAS Culdrose.

Accommodation at Culdrose can be booked via telephone on 01326 552683. Note that Culdrose is on extended weekend leave from 1200 Fri 25 Oct until 0800 Tue 29 Oct.

Please cascade this information widely to ensure that those who knew Tim are informed and have the opportunity to attend and support the family.

In all cases, please respond ASAP to Lt Cdr Simon Daw RN, 771 NAS, who is the Sqn lead officer at Email: [email protected] who can provide further details.
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