LT/CDR Max Shean

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by scouse, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Lieutenant-Commander Max Shean
    Lieutenant-Commander Max Shean, who has died aged 90, was one of the small band of young men who, in the face of extraordinary peril, carried the sea war into enemy harbours; in the process they won a total of 68 awards for bravery, including four VCs; for his own exploits, Shean received a DSO and Bar.
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  3. Some more information and photos regarding this courageous Aussie and his amazing achievements here.
  4. :wink: :wink: in April 1944, Shean, now in command of X-24, was towed by Sceptre to Bergen, Norway, to make a solo attack on a large floating dock. Sceptre was commanded by another Aussie!!!!!!!!!! The late Vice Adm Sir Ian McIntosh, my last skipper in HMS Victorious :salute: :salute: Where is the Jimmy on this one????
  5. "X24 at HMS Dolphin in Scotland." bizzare.
  6. Heroes are made with such men,I am filled with awe at their courage whilst attempting the impossible in those X boats.They frighten me from the outside and I could not have spent time in them.
    He upheld our finest traditions of valour and committment.RIP
  7. The awesomeness of ordinary blokes working with the cutting edge of warfare technology is only highlighted by their survival or a recording of the events.They are not unique,but they are in a priviliged minority.History allowed them to shine.The rest of us got away with it.

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