I have recently come across a watercolour painting by Lt(A) Charles Richard (Dicky) Dearman, RNVR of a Grumman F6F Hellcat in front of an Aircraft Carrier. The picture is dated 1945. I would like to present this picture to the Squadron, or relevant Wardroom, that is connected with Lt Dearman. Does anyone have any information on him, or his service? I believe that he later, after the War, became the Secretary of Henley-in-Arden and then Leicester brances of the N.F.U.Thanks in advance.
The Hellcat may have the serial A13 (it's not easy to tell). Can anyone help with which carrier would this have been?
Good information and brief history of the Hellcat there, Scouse, but I can't find answers to above; am I being blind?
Nope just put it up, thought it would be of interest!! Ps CV 13 was the Franklin pps the A was also the code on the tail of the Helcats on USS Cowpens!! As in A13 ... A good photo of the aircraft, with serial number..would help
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Unfortunately Lt Dearman did not paint the serial number, so no idea on that. The ac is in FAA colours so pretty confident it's not from the Cowpens.
From TCC. [TABLE="class: tborder, width: 100%, align: center"]
[TD="class: alt1, bgcolor: #F5F5FF"]I checked the Navy list for Aug 43, the earliest I went back, and that put him in 776 Sqn at 'Blackcap'.

I checked Feb 44, June 44, Oct 44 and Jan 45 which put him at 'Sparrowhawk' while Apr 45 and July 45 put him at 'Urley'. I didn't see a sqn No. for these stations.

I have had some excellen help from the archive dept of the Fleet Air Arm Museum, and we have come up with this information:So far I have failed to place Lt Dearman on a Hellcat squadron.He starts at St Vincent, on an Observers Course, in 1941. He then moves to 777 Sqn in July 1941, at that time the Squadron were operating Swordfish; they had Hellcats in 1945. By June 1942 he’s 710 Sqn at HMAS Albatross (Nowra), Australia. Feb & Dec 1943 he’s 776 squadron at HMS Blackcap (Stretton). Jan 1945 he’s at HMS Sparrowhawk (Hatston) but not on a squadron. April 1945 he’s at HMS Urley (Ronaldsway) but not on a squadron (the likely aircraft here were Barracudas). We have not checked Vol 1 (just Vols 2 & 3) of the July 1945 Navy List, so not the alphabetical list. In the hope that he was at RNAS Eglinton (with Hellcats), we did check the ship’s list for HMS Gannet; he’s not there. However, Scouse seems to suggest that he was still at HMS Urley in July.It also appears that many years ago Lt Dearman gave the Fleet Air Arm Museum a badge of HMS Condor (Arbroath). This Station does not feature in his wartime service but there were no Hellcats there anyway. As Hellcats are single crew, and he trained as an observer, it is unlikely that he served on a Hellcat sqn; unless he changed branch. This is not to say that he may not have served alongside a Hellcat sqn. I'm not sure that traking down his details will be able to add much now; so the only thing to do is to try to find the origin of the ac recognition code of 'A13'.
Apparently the A is the letter for an airframe of the Fleet air arm , and the 13 is the numeric field!!!?? RAF was M etc or maybe the A is on the tail for the carrier HMS Attacker??? She carried Hellcats???
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