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LSO Application

So I sent off my application for LSO Trainee and have yet to hear anything back? Is this normal?
Are many people instantly rejected without getting a suitability interview

RFA at HMS Raleigh

Lantern Swinger
Hi how long ago did you send it off?
It is not an instant process as the recruiting department is small.
You would be told either way, but it also depends where they are in the recruiting system ie are they focussing on LSO officers atm.
If you have only just applied then it does take a bit of time to get replies.
Ah okay, maybe I just need to be more patient, it’s just after applying online they said they would be in contact within 7 days and I am very apprehensive that they haven’t haha, but good to know I should be told either way.... out of curiosity does anyone know if people are rejected often?


I know it can take time but its really worth it when the ball gets rolling, my process went from rather stagnant to completed within just a month!
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