LSAP upto 30k buckshee - myth or fact???

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by justsatpat, Dec 24, 2007.

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  1. At the time of the 2007 AFPRB report there was speculation that the LSAP package would be greatly increased as discussed below

    does anybody know if this is a still be in the pipeline for 2008 AFPRB

    we had the Command WO1 visit us in sep 07 and he said it was still being discussed, though nothing final, and details could be on the streets early 08.....
  2. Don't hold your breath :rambo:
  3. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    This was discussed 5 years ago that I know of and dismissed primarily because the Army, at that time, didn't want it.
  4. It maybe something to do with the Army not being able to take out the LSAP until (I think) 37 years of age. This may have changed though
  5. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer

    It was in part to do with the 37yr rule, but primarily they believed encouraging house purchasing would ruin the regimental life.

    The RN and the Airforce agreed to let it go. There were enormous trade offs and discussions similar to this when JPA was being designed - the aim was to get common allowances and salaries across the board all within broadly the same pot....some meant a service got more, some less, some the same. This would have meant all got more but other allowances would have reduced so a decision was made........

    Whilst I didn't agree at the time I could see the logic and still do.
  6. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    An article in the Telegraph today, apparently they will lend those in MQ's a sum of money to purchase their first house, this scheme has been a huge success for nurses and teachers (NOT!)

    "Serving soldiers and other members of the Armed Forces will be given help to buy a new home, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

    Service personnel and their families can apply for a shared equity loan to help them onto the housing ladder.

    The move applies to those living in Forces' accommodation, and will increase their buying power by a third.

    advertisementAt market rates, a family on an income of £40,000 can afford a mortgage of around £160,000. This would rise to £210,000 under shared equity.

    The loans, offered under the Government's HomeBuy scheme for key workers such as nurses, are provided by the Department for the Communities along with four private sector lenders, and allow interest-free repayments on part of the debt.

    Yvette Cooper, the Housing Minister, said: "This new support recognises the vital contribution our Armed Forces make to our communities.

    "We want to help more key workers, like service personnel, and other first-time buyers get a foot on to the housing ladder."

    Article here: Telegraph

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