LSAP In Scotland

Does anyone have any experience with the use of LSAP when buying a home in Scotland? When do you apply for it, pre or post offer? Did anyone have any snags with mortgage providers and LSAP?

Many Thanks.
Buying in Scotland is always a pain in the arrse because of the offers system here.

So consider first ----are you elegable for the advance??and how much !

Next get a solicitor because all conveyancing is done by them including offers to buy.

Mortguage lenders will require a survey and valuation before you get money.They will also require your financial
situation to be assessed for ability to repay.

Put in your offer if it fails you have a large bill to pay for the financial and legal advisors !
If the seller decides not to sell same again !!
Best way to buy is set price or buy new because successful offers are usually well above the upset price.

Lots of houses for sale at the moment but a lot are attempting to escape the negative equity which is looming in the house market.
So you'll probably pay more than the place is worth !

My advice --sit tight and let the Bank rates rise later in the year . Mortguage repayments are artificially low at the present time.
See what you will be paying -or could be paying each month when the rates begin to rise!

Happy hunting

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