Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Snape, Oct 18, 2006.

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  1. Hi all. New member to these boards and relatively new to the service coming up to my third year in.

    I've just had an offer on a house accepted, I'm buying jointly with a very nice young lady in Southampton and we're just under 5 grand short of being able to put down 10%. No problems I think and make haste to the local UPO here to see about applying for LSAP for said five grand. Writer in this UPO was unfortunately rather unhelpful, firstly telling me that I don't qualify because I am not "full trained strength" and then basically giving me the brush off as I assume the poor thing is rather stuck under a mountain of JPA related faff and not best pleased at having to load up more work sorting me out.

    Anyway, found a copy of the MoD LSAP application, have filled it in and will be presisting with application regardless as oppo's I joined up with, behind me in the training pipeline, have all managed to get it.

    Just wondering:

    How long it takes to get processed?
    Who I send the application to if the local writer is still clueless?
    How its taxed above £5000... just the portion above taxed or the whole sum?
    If anyone has applyed recently and is JPA getting in the way and slowing things down?

    I would let it drop but this little sum has the potential to save me upwards of 60 thousand quid over the course of the mortgage. Worth persisting with I think.


  2. Hi Snape, I am a conveyancing legal executive at a firm of sols in Fareham, we deal with a lot of LSAP. I can comment in respect of your questions

    1. Centurion is a law unto itself, make sure your UPO keeps on top of them, but they will write to your sols for certain details (eg the mortgage amount) and once they are received they will let you and your sols know the amount of LSAP.
    2. If your local writer is clueless see his boss. Do not let it rest there
    3. Dunno
    4. Dunno

    Other pointers - make sure you have a good sol who knows about LSAP - as I said Centurion is a minefield.

    When your sol gets the amount from LSAP he will need to write to your first lender to ask them to confirm in writing that they are content with the LSAP charge.

    Thus - you will need your mortgage first, then the LSAP amount approval, then the consent of the mortgage lender, then and only then will the sol get the cash. In our firm we use it as the deposit but this is not the case everywhere.

    PM me if you want more guidance on the practicalities of conveyancing. Cannot speak about the internal process so much.
  3. Didn;t realise that the LSAP was still available. I used it twice during my careeer, once for house purchase in bury St edmunds whils on 809 squadron at RAF honington and then paid it back & applied again when I bought a house in Wiltshire. Its a great help for house purchase and I'm delighted that it is still available to serving personnel. If I remember correctly I had to pay the remainder of my loan back out of my resettlement grant.
    Go for it and use it, you wont regret it
  4. Thanks for the replies. After scouring the MoD intranet I have pretty much answered all my own questions. For those interested, JPA is very much going to get in the way and will probably delay it sufficiently that either I loose the house we've offered on or I find the 5 grand elsewhere.

    I'm still going to see if I can work around it somehow but it doesn't look entirely hopeful at this stage.

    For those interested: JSP 752 is the relevant guidance document and Mod form 1745 is the aplication form.

  5. I used LSAP to get my house and it was fantastic - right up to the time you want to either re-mortgage or sell. This is because the Navy has a part claim on your property. I usually re-mortgage every 3 years or so to get the best deals and the Navy (Centurion) became a right pain in the butt. A few Re-mortgages ago we actually borrowed a little more and paid off the LSAP.

    Don't get me wrong though it was a god send to get us on the property ladder.

    Good luck with the purchase - have a tot for me when you move in
  6. If the UPO / writer is no good, shouldn't you be using the Divisional system and talking to your DO?!!

    This goes for anything - not just pay/LSAP/JPA - Use the Divisional System! (DO's don't learn anything unless they're used!)

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