LSA to the casing

Further to my posted apology in December please be advised that Jacque-le-douste has been delivered of a new set of teeth. These teeth were fitted today by the best looking tiffy I've seen in a very long time.
A S126 for E475 has been raised so the Golden Eagle will not be shitting on me for a couple of paydays.
Arriving back on board Mrs JLD has tied string from the teeth to my knicks to ensure that they are kept safe. she has murmured something about it joining my mouth to my arse where much of what I say comes from.
Still, if you can't have an OD's run ashore when you are in your 60's when can you.

My little chuckles, having been put in the postion of two OD runs ashore under your supervision I can hardly gloat from the other end of the mess deck table. I just happen to be lucky that the teeth I do have left are still embedded in my gums.

Are the new ones shiny gold or have diamond inset in at least one?

See you soonest.



Lantern Swinger
I almost p....d my knicks never mind tyin me teeth to them.
Nice one J.L.D. A run ashore to remember, so life begins at 60 eh?

PMSL, Roy. Once I lost all my teeth, never replaced them - it helps keep the 16 grandkids in order - to the obvious question as how do I eat steak, the answer is "Through a blender".
After ghandi we had a geordie chef just about to go outside, he came to the States with us and the grub was great. Even ice cream during the movie & the fresh fruit was'nt blue when he dished it out!!
Ghandi was on VALIANT for a while in the mid 70s, still smoked the fciking pipe. Had Tom Winters for a while, the bloke that did his POLARIS chefs training at the Palace in the late 60s: they sent a staff car from Pitreavie to Faslane (thereby denying me of my customary bag off with Big Maureen from the Clachan) to collect him when HRH was having a beanfest there, as I suddenly became Duty PO. Last I heard, he was at the Palace full time as a civvy.


Lantern Swinger
THE CLACHAN!!!!!!!!!!! i remember the clachan on the way in but could never remember it on the way out, and then to peter dominics for a carry out and doon the peir for an afternoon sesh until the imps opened about 5 o'clock in those days was it??time didn't really make a lot of sense on a runashore did it? incidentaly JLD I'm sure we've met in a former life you seem to know all the old barstewards I knew.

Jacque-le-douste said:
The Clachan --- now that will bring back a lot of memories!!!!
And with Big Maureen, not many of them good ones - especially as I found Black Bob and Harry Harrison had been there while I was down in SM2 :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:
Going to Dolphin to requal. tank one Sunday from Faslane about 8 of us including Harry. He's chatting up a couple of birds in the buffet car, they are foreigners " Where are you from" says Harry. " Switzerland " they say. Harry, " Ive been to Switzerland loads of times," "Really" says she, "Where to?"
"COPENHAGEN " says Harry. Exit stage left!!
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