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Let me add a caveat before I start. I'm going to go to the UPO after leave for a up to date answer, but I'm going to pop into my bank over leave, so looking for a bit of info in advance.

I have had 50% of a property put into my name in the last few months which was held in trust. This property is rented out, with the proceeds going to my mother as she is retired.

I'm looking at getting a house next year because at the moment, I've become a naval orphan over leave. Will having this property in my name result in me not meeting the LSA criteria?

Many thanks
That I do.

Thanks for the info, and that extra bit of information. Looks like I would have to wait until my first proper job summer 2013 to reach the required criteria. But alas it seems having that property now means dippers.

I'll check incase, but won't hold my breath.

Merry christmas fella


Aside, but for a perspective -

I seem to recal that the L. S. A. O. (O = 'Of'). P. (as it was in the mid-'60s...:blush:) was introduced as a big carrot (along with a signing-on bounty - 10% instant, remainder on completion of one's original engagement).

Partly to encourage retention/partly to free-off the often long waiting lists for a MQ.

The initial property boom had only just kicked off ATT; Even as a SR the Service pay then was rather low and v. few were able to obtain/afford a mortgage without the benefit of LSAOP. (Perhaps there were one or two who could have used it to move up on the property ladder - if so they would have tightened the rules for first-timers-only even back then.)


Early doors at the property-owning democracy.:wink:
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