Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Desmond, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Question

    I managed to complete 12 years LS from Jan 67 to Jan 79, what time do you have to serve to be awarded the LS/GC medal?
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  2. 15 years undiscovered criminal activities - or used to be.

  3. Still is. I got caught after 6 years and so after nearly 32 years service (17 as rating) have not got one.
  4. I thought that your GC service began again the day after you broke it?

    Perhaps SgtP will be more knowledgeable on this subject ?

    I didn't receive one myself, not for any discovered undesirable activities I hasten to add, but because I completed LS2 only.

    ps My old man had a break in GC service, but still received his peedoo, but he was a crusher - something in that perhaps .... ;)
  5. Good conduct does restart the day after the break. in my case I thought that I would have to go in off terminal leave after completing my 22, however the skipper in his wisdom had given me a VG* instead of G for conduct. This meant I received it after 15 years.
    Only the lower deck receive LSGC medals, if you see an officer wearing one it means he was promoted from the lower deck.
  6. [quote="slim
    Only the lower deck receive LSGC medals, if you see an officer wearing one it means he was promoted from the lower deck.[/quote]

    True, he does however, have to request to his commanding officer to wear it!
  7. Correct, but don't assume that he did 15 years as a rating. An officer can be awarded an LSGC after 15 years service if 12 of their 15 years were as a rating
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (LS&GCM) for the Royal Navy

  9. Knew we could depend on you SgtPb

  10. Thank you for all the info, looks like I should of stayed in instead of listening to the Mrs.
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  11. Sgt P.
    Very informative as usual, but surely your penultimate sentence is incorrect? (Unless that sentence is meant to apply to officers only, in which case I've misread it and duly apologise.)
    My LS&GC medal was awarded in 1968 after the, then customary, 15 years service.

  12. Just read your link and realise that the mistake, or ambiguity, is not down to you, so apologies anyway!
    But would still like to know to whom that particular sentence refers.

  13. That's incorrect. Once awarded the medal is worn;mounted in precedence; like any other medal. Interestingly enough, the Reserve Decoration is worn by officers as an award for long service. Should all ranks not receive an LSGC of some description?

  14. As a serving Commissioned wearer of the LS&GC, have to agree! Never asked permission, although SUY Officers (that's SD for the old boys...) have to request the medal as is the case for Ratings - it's not automatically issued.
  15. Of course occifers should not get a good conduct medal. Good conduct is to be expected from them. On the other hand we scroats need some encouragement to behave
  16. Never encouraged me for my 20 years as a damned rating - like they say, 15 years 'undetected' crime...
  17. Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to SD Officers. It doesn't turn up a the UPO like ours do automatically.
  18. Mine's in the back of a cupboard if anybody wants it but be warned, the thing is covered in dents. When awarded the LS&GC on divisions in sunny Guzz (drill was heaving it down) I marched off smartly, as you do, after Captain Perowne pinned it onto my chest. He hadn't pinned it quite good enough though and on my third step off it pops and I drop kick it into row zed.
    Now this is what I liked more than anything else about the RN attitude to stiff upper lip bullshit and particularly in the Submarine Service, as said shiney brand new LS&GC medal zipped off across the shed a few of the guys tried to catch it while everybody else creased down. Nobody screamed and bawled and there was a sort of resigned look on the XO's face as if to say "I knew that would happen one day, who was in goal".

    There was a distinct 'tink tink tinkle tink...thunk' noise, I think it came to rest under one of thoe great big display cases near the ships figure heads. In fact I wish I'd took time to study those figure heads and their meanings, I'm sure there's loads and loads of history tied up in them. Too late now don't know what you've got 'til it's gone!
  19. Did 13 years RN and transferred to Army where I got my LSGC after 2 years service. My GSM '62 model has my RN No and rate at time of Borneo. subsequent bars for other little contretemps whilst army get some strange looks as does the Army LSGC at pusser reunions :salut:

    edited once for typo
  20. :toilet: :tp: Joined the RN at 15, did 16 yrs from that age so was not entitled to the LS & GC, Joined the fuzz and served for 20 yrs so again, not entitled to their LS & GC medal, so ............... 36 yrs in uniform and not a bit of shiny metal to show for it, shit happens I suppose.

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