LRO Brian James Winter HMS Saumarez

On Sunday 20th April I attended Pyecombe Parish Church where my daughter is to be married this summer. Spotted in the church was the following memorial.

Along with 43 others this 18 year old LRO P/MX742378 was Murdered by the Albania Government on 22/10/46 who had planted mines in the Corfu Channel. Their remains now lie in the British War Graves at Corfu Town.

The following account by "Sibadd" on tells all on the Corfu Incident in 1946 when this 18 year old and the 43 others who lost their lives.

Corfu Incident

Cheers Nutty
Interesting stuff, I knew alot of the history because my old sea cadet unit in Twickenham is named TS Saumarez
My parents have visited the British Cemetery in Corfu
I was given a book about the incident by my father before I sailed for the Med in 93 on YORK during the war in Kosovo. I believe HMS VOLTAGE also hit a mine the same day. Our stand - off was in Corfu myself the CO and several other shipmates laid a wreath held a small memorial service in the war graves cemetary and we signed the visitors book when we departed. It was beautifuly maintained and extremely tranquil it was an honour to do it.
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