Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by trehorn, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. Are there enough RNR Leading Rate Command Courses running annually?

    Since the RN course was increased to a three week course the RNR have continued to attend two week courses with RNR only. The problem being that there are only two RNR course running per year. I tried to book one before Christmas and one of them i couldn't attend and the other was full.

    Now it would appear to me that the RNR need at least one more course per year. We are always hearing about the shortages of senior rates and killicks but if the courses arent available then its never going to get any better.

    I'd be happy to do the RN course for three weeks but that would be my full holiday entitlement used up and Mrs Trehorn wouldn't be happy, as would the baby Trehorns. :(

    Personally, i've never been that bothered about promotion, however i've started looking into it more for two reasons;

    1. I am seeing some proper numpties putting in for their LRCC and petty as it sounds i do not want to be out ranked by them. (Childish i know :dwarf: )

    2. Our unit really needs Killicks and Senior rates.
  2. Would agree with you wholeheartedly shipmate.

    In terms of those 'numbties' outranking you i wouldn't worry. There are quite a few in my unit who have never done the job, indeed in some instances have gone out of their way to avoid doing so, but are the 'numbties' (in some cases) who do nothing more than career courses each and every year and subsequently are the ones who get promoted quicker, despite having never done the job for real, thereby leapfrogging those who take the trouble to go operational and actually 'serve'.

    Personally i don't give a toss what rank they are, these people get no respect from me whatsoever.

    I'm sure i'll get some on here moaning about not being able to mobilise for whatever reason, but if it's permanently impossible to do so then those individuals should have a long hard look at themselves as to why they wear the uniform. (I'm sure they turn up for the 'It's a knockout' and 'sports weekend' at Eaglet).

    IMHO promotion within the RNR shouldn't rest so much on the LRCC/SRCC, but these courses should be used as markers of some level of competence for those who have never proved themselves in any other form. If multiple RORRS from actual service say an individual is good at their job, then surely that says more about that persons fitness for the next rate/rank.

    Standing back now i've lit the blue touchpaper!!
  3. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    I have no problem with the concept that some people may not be able to mobilise - but they need to have an active role in the RNR - such as a branch or RNR job that can't be done by others to justify their retention. Those borne for social purposes only should be politely but firmly binned.
  4. I have no problem with those who cannot mobilise in the current climate either.

    I honestly believe that most people in the RNR will go without fuss if compulsarily mobilised. The problem at present lies with what people are being mobilised for. While filling in gapped billets to free up RM's to do what they were trained for is without doubt a much needed use of reservists it does not get the support from family, employers and in some cases reservists that other operations would.

    At the moment intellegent mobilisation is working. There are enough volunteers to cover the demand. The problems will start when they run out of volunteers.

    The problem lies with those who do not have a very good reason why they shouldn't go when compulsarily mobilised.

    Personally, while i would like to intelligently mobilise my family and employer would not be keen and find it difficult to understand.

    As always i will go if called.
  5. Ohmygod YES! I was mobilsed in 2003 and served with distinction in the gulf. My report from the officer I was serving with (OK, I admit, there were only 2 of us military bods on board) wrote me a glowing report recommending that I be promoted asap. Even when I returned from Telic I volunteered to do some ORT in my own leave time, so I could get my AB to Killicks taskbook completed. I have taken part in "non-jolly" ORT every year since Telic, and for the past few years have been running my own watches. And yet I'm STILL told that I won't be promoted until I've done the LRCC. In the meantime I have been away with people who can't do the job they have been tasked to do, have absolutely NO leadership skills or command presence, and yet they have been promoted because they've ticked all the boxes and done all the promotional courses.
    I've never seen the RNR as a career, but it does get frustrating when I'm still an AB after 12 years when other people with a lot less time in, with a lot less experience, get promoted over me!
    Rant over, I'm off to soak my head in some vinegar :rambo:
  6. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    So the simple solution is to do the LRCC rather than try to get a short cut?

    Surely you've learnt after 12 years that to get ahead you need to work with the system rather than fight it?
  7. In the RN to get promoted you do the relative command course, we have moved in line with the RN, irrespective of how much experience you have, how many times you've graced the gangway somewhere hot and sunny you do the course its as simple as that....and one things for sure that aint likely to change anytime in the next century.

    I do however think that there may be room in exceptional circumstances where individuals could take an acting rank whilst in unit only to ease staff shortages/workload..however the rank would not apply when undergoing training or mobilised when we work with our RN counterparts...this could be used as additional information for promotion boards.

    Im not bothered either way I've done what the RNR has asked...been mobilised for Telic and done the command course so have no axe to grind but just as a additional point being mobilised is no vaccination against numptyness...sorry...I know a few people that even after 6 months stints I still wouldnt trust with a super soaker in sponge factory!
  8. I suppose I am big enough and ugly enough to know by now that you can't buck the system. However I do think that maybe someone should be promoted because of their ability to do their in-branch job, rather than being able to build a raft out of two planks of wood and a bottle of fairy liquid, and be able to give a 7 minute lecture on clothes pegs.
  9. tall bloke, frankly it doesn't matter that you can do your job - promotion comes from your ability to think and act above your peer group. LRCC provides a basis to prove this, as well as providing you with the leadership tools to make a half-decent LH.

    As you've acknowledged, LRCC is a requirement for promotion, and there is absolutely no way around that; in fact even to become an acting LH you must've passed LRCC.

    Sorry to be blunt, but if it's any consolation, I'm equally as blunt with my division!

  10. Thanks for the heads-up, Alf. I certainly take your point. I'm booked onto an LRCC this summer so hopefully that'll get things moving!
  11. No worries; good luck!
  12. All i want is a reasonable opportunity to actually attend an LRCC. I know and understand and accept that to be rated up you must have completed the LRCC. I dont see that as a problem at all. I just want the opportunity to do it.

    As for having more nouse than a killick i honestly wouldnt see that as something to brag about based on some of the killicks i've had the misfortune to come across. The same can be said for some Officers and some senior ratings.

    Passing a course doesn't make you a good leader.

    As i explained to the new entries our place recently - "every unit/course has a f*ckwit. The important thing is to make sure that it isn't you"! :thumright:
  13. Have you got anything good to say about anyone (apart from yerself that is....... :thumright: )

  14. ha ha mazza magoo i was thinking the same....

    trehorn, do you have 2 logins? there's probably a simple reason but for the life of me i cant think of one...
  15. Yup, i originally signed up at work and then i couldn't remember my pass word when i got home :frustrated: so signed up again.

    I have lots of good things to say about lots of good people. You may recall me jumping to the defence of an underfire SR and praising the HMS SHERWOOD PSI's. :glomp:

    This thread was about the LRCC and as per usual it has been taken off on another tangent. I'm happy to go with the flow wherever people want to take this thread.

    Come on, i have made a point of highlighting the some. Not all Killicks, officers and senior rates are a*se holes, far from it. But on more than one occasion i've heard officers/senior rates/junior rates question how a killick got his hooks, both in private and in front of the person in question. I know good killicks and bad ones but as in most cases such as this you tend to remember the bad one's more. :tongue:

    Tell you what mazza/toff you start up a "praise a killick" thread and i'll have a think about who i'll nominate. :thumright:
  16. ha ha cool yer jets...

    fair one you only meant SOME.

    i agree with you about the shortage of LRCC's but how longs it been like this?...2/3 years?....longer? nothing new is it really? everyone at all levels in the RNR knows this and its been raised over and over again and f*ck all's happened so another rant on here wont make a bit of difference.

    what made me chuckle was the fact that you said your not bothered about promotion but one of the reasons you are now looking at it is cos you dont want to be 'out ranked' by a numptie. you said it yourself mate, 'Childish'...

    my advice to you is do your own thing, if your not bothered about promotion then crack on as you are
  17. All joking aside Trehorn, I am at a loss to understand why you continue to find it so difficult to get on LRCC, there are three people from my unit that managed to get on it this year, all it took was a bit of forward planning. Admittedly, they did plan it about 12/18 months in advance but you've been dripping about it at least that long so how can it be that you haven't managed it as well?

  18. Can't understand it either. Theres four of us going from my unit and we all got a place on a course this summer but we only put our names forward (or were nagged into it) this year. I got my place in Feb. I'd have a word with your PSI trehorn.
  19. Yeah Trehorn - if that's your REAL name - sort your sh*t out!!! :rambo:
  20. Please show me the posts where i've been dripping about not getting on LRCC? This is my first post on the subject and I have only been looking to get on a course January.

    Ther was an RNR course in Feb. Unfortunatley I'd already done my ORT for last year and the unit couldn't guarantee that if i did the course in Feb that it would count as next years ORT therefore i may have to do another 2 weeks after April to qualify for my bounty. My work holidays run from Xmas to Xmas and I dont have the holidays to take four weeks off in a year.

    The only other two week course available is in July. I cant do that due to other commitments. If anyone knows of any other two week long LRCC's running this year please let me know.

    I like to think that i'm very flexable and organised when planning my training. I can usually go at a couple of weeks notice but i do try to book my courses well in advance because i like to plan my year. I take my ORT out of my annual holiday entitlement and don't get any extra for the RNR. The fact that i have two courses to choose from is out of my control.

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