lowest level of security?



what kind of jobs onboard the RFA require the least level of security? i dont want to hold much responsibility, i was thinking of applying for a navigation role in the RFA; im ok with navigation but a bit rusty on the selestial (navigation by the stars).

does it really matter, what job i apply for? i mean if i know i wont pass security in a role like an intel officer then surly a lower level role where you arent exposed to as much sensitive material or am i assuming something thats a load of bull and in actual fact everyone has the same level of scrutany?


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The entire ship’s company are exposed to the ‘sensitivity’ of some operations.

Random Officers are jobbed for Security Audits whether they have DV or SC clearance.

If you’re worried that you can’t keep a secret you are probably not fitted.


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Infantry soldier. They have minimal access to security info.
Plus you'd be miles away from anyone at sea who would have access to sensitive info!!

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