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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stuart_G, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Hello everyone, I am currently going through the application process to join the RN with my next step being my medical a week from today. My issue is that I am worried about my weight. I have searched through the forums and can only find people with concerns about being overweight, I however have the opposite problem. I am 17 and 5ft 9/10 and roughly 9 stone, Which is borderline regards being underweight. I have always been slim but due to a recent growth spurt it is becoming more of a concern. I am however doing all i can to put on weight whilst keeping up my fitness levels for the PJFT which i can complete in 9.36. Will my weight an issue in my medical?
  2. I had the same problem as you. The Doc passed me, he just asked if i ate healthy and i said yer :? , Orr you can just wack some Big Macs down your mouth to pile on the pounds :eek:
  3. I fell under the 'underweight' category aswell at the time, I got passed still though. As already stated he just asked what my diet was like.
  4. As your only 17 my guess is the doctors would give some leeway for growth spurts. If you were 27 however with that low bodyweight then 1) many women would envy you (my friends has a junk food diet, sits about all day doing nothing and hasn't got an ounce of fat on him.) 2) your doctor would have raised an eyebrow on a health check.

    I could be wrong though ;)
  5. Mate i had this problem at your age, but i soon started filling up once i got in to the marines. If its such a concern, cut the amount off running down, it should not effect your time, try hitting the weights, but keep it simple, the key thing here is your diet., i pretty much had the same stats as you at your age and it is a pain.
  6. I'm in a similar position, hence the thread started as quoted above. My problem is that I am just naturally skinny - I eat plenty, my diet doesn't change, my meals are regular, I get my fruit and veg (sometimes less than 5 a day but meh), yet my weight fluctuates for no reason. I'm not stressed, I'm just normal, yet at 21 having a BMI of around 17 is not good. I have my medical coming up and despite the advice offered in the thread I'm gaining nothing. After a busy week of exercise I sometimes lose a pound and have to take time out to regain it. It's starting to get to me because I feel abnormal and although I wasn't stressed when the concerns first arose I fear I may become stressed before long. I have no sympathy for people who need to lose weight because I feel like I'm in the hardest place of all - gaining is infinitely harder than losing. I just hope I can convince the doctor I'm okay when the time comes or I'm f*cked. There is literally no way I am going to gain anything in the next fortnight - I've tried McDonalds breakfast plus two slices of toast followed by a glass of milk, I've tried four meals a day. Nothing. Severely pissed off.
  7. Hey,

    I had the same fear as I am very similar, however I am 27. The doctor had no problems with my weight as it is, but said I would need to make sure I didnt become any lighter. The only issue my doctor had was my skin and thats whats holding up my medical. I am sure you will be fine, keep us updated :)
  8. Thanks for the help everyone! My problem isnt gaining weight, I've gained half a stone or so in the last month. Hopefully this will continue. My BMI is classed as "normal weight", just. My issue was if it would be a problem in the medical but going by the advice given here then it shouldn't be. Thanks again.
  9. Just do food parades, i would suggest something fattening =)
  10. my bmi was borderline underweight about a year ago, but i started using structured training and proper diet i found i was quickly at a normal weight. all i can suggest is train properly, but dont over do it, eat well and take into account metabolism and age, it was a ball ache for me to start with, everything i ate i seemed to shit out minutes later, or burn it off
  11. Before your medical neck a couple of litres of water, can make you gain a bit of wieght. It's piss easy to lose wieght all i need to do is exercise like a nutter and the pounds drop off! :D
    Good luck with beefing up.
  12. My daughter has had a low BMI of under 18 for a couple of years. She tried the usual dietary supplements etc but has found that 5 small high calorie meals a day is helping her. She also snacks on nachos with large amounts of cheese. I received a text message celebrating that her BMI was now 18.3. Her target is to maintain 18.5 as this is the minimum for females otherwise it can increase the risk of oesteoporosis.

    The only reason it may cause concern at the medical is because most people lose up to a stone during basic training. I know I lost almost that much both times through basic despite being injured.

  13. Depends on metabolism PF, I did a stint in DQ's and the regime is far harder than basic training, they put you on the scales when you go in and again just before you leave to prove to you your time 'in' has been benificial, I had gained 4 lbs, the Jossman said the scales must be faulty, yeah right :roll:
  14. Maybe I just had it spare whereas you didn't.

    Never made it to DQs, I wasn't that bad a girl (plus the girls never went to DQs)

  15. I passed the medical on Wednesday and the PJFT tonight in 9 mins 24. Thanks for the help!
  16. Well done, Stuart, that is good news!

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