Low pass, what now?

I received a bog standard pass at AIB for aircrew. Main choice was pilot and I've been told its unlikely I will be selected. This is down to no pilots being taken on, and few observers and my pass mark is not competetive.
However, would this apply to any job? Say if I was willing to take warfare for example.. and what are the chances I could change direction?

Any help appreciated
Standing by to be corrected upon an awful lot of this!

As my experience tells me, an average pass will not gain you entry to BRNC for the Warfare branch either. I had an 'average' pass last Sept and was told that I would be 'on the cuff' of getting into all intakes for Warfare GS. In my case, I got my head down and prepared for another AIB, I retook my AIB a month ago and with the experience of the first one, gained a strong pass which landed me with a Sept place.

I know there are a LOT more experienced individuals on this site which will correct me if im wrong, so don't take my word for definate. My advice would always be to prepare for another AIB (no matter how well you think/or have been told you have done!) by getting yourself more aquainted to the RN and use the knowledge gained the first time to stand you with a better chance for the next.

Although my words may seem a little blunt and somewhat disheartening, I know if I was told this after passing last time, I would have got my head down and worked harder, for longer and would have saved hours of waiting for the post!

My first piece of advice for you would be to get a debrief from your ACLO if you havent already. Once again, I stand ready to be corrected on any of this information, but like I said, if I was told this last year it would have saved me months of waiting around, so I hope this doesnt get taken the wrong way!

Good luck for the rest of the process!


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The only person who can tell you works at the AIB. You'll receive a letter with his number on it, if you haven't already, telling you you've passed, etc.

He'll be able to tell you what chances you stand if you change branch.
Just received it after getting home! Letter says more or less same thing, with aircrew specified. Will give him a ring asap.
I'm the same, passed AIB in March for X(SM) but just been told I didn't get September. Time to get the head down and crack on for another AIB!
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