Lovesick lesbian cried rape to frame an innocent man

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. The bloke will never recover from this, this sort of s*it sticks forever.
  2. Chudi Grant, defending, said: "The allegations were made at a very unsettled time in her life. She was 20 at the time and living between England and Scotland, trying to forge a life for herself as an adult.

    "She wasn't able to become settled and maintain a relationship. Her general make-up is one of quite a vulnerable young lady. She finds it difficult to express herself. She has a history of self-harm."
    So thats her excuse for ruining not only her step fathers life but also her mothers

    Sentencing her, Judge Timothy Mort said: "Of all the allegations made by a woman, rape is a very serious one.

    "A sentence has to send out a message to other people that they must never do this for the sake of the genuine victims."
    And a 4 month sentance for lying, false accusations and perverting the course of justice is suitable in the eyes of this judge then is it? :banghead:
  3. I can see this woman becoming yet another time wasting, attention seeking waster for the ambulance service.. Self harm, false accusations against men, how predictable.
  4. I really hate it when people do that, considering how hard it is to prosecute rape. Complete time waster that makes a mockery of the crime and will probably make it harder for genuine victims to come forward. I hope some big tattooed bean flicker shanks her in the shower.


    ps. its ok I have calmed down now :D
  7. False allegations undermine the rule of law where the perpetrator is seen to evade significant consequences for accusations that if a man is convicted for will destroy his life. The accused may be deemed innocent, but in a sense his character will be stained, however the criminal justice system deludes itself to the contrary. His name may not now be added to the official sex offenders' register for his area, but in many people's minds it will be. The other aspect of course is to make jurors more sceptical about rape allegations made by actual victims. The problem is however that by punishing wrongdoers, you are likely to deter many, alreday phychologically damaged victims of sexual abuse, including rape, from coming forward. The CJS has an unfortunate reputation for denegrating victims and we must also bear in mind that most cases of rape never result in a prosecution let alone a conviction. Balancing this is a very difficult issue. After all, if by introducing proportionate penalties for the small number of perjurers you deter lemitimate, bona fide complainants from reporting the offence to the police, you will have a state of affairs whereby rape is perceived, rightly or wrongly, as a crime with no consequences for the offender.
  9. I concour as the good doctors always say.

    As for registration you only get grief and not even a diary! Or a badge.

    We are doomed but hopefully we will retire before it gets too grim.

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