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Discussion in 'International' started by Trooped_Again, Jul 10, 2007.

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  1. It's lovely in here, all nice and quite.

    No bad men shouting at you, great.

    I take it this is for bods like me who have legged it overseas? I'm coming back you know, I'm not away for ever.

    Anyway, what to do, with all this room.

    Numbers!! Got it, how many of who is where, nah, that's under my avatar, you all know where I am.

    What about where I'm not!! Excellent idea.

    I'm not behind you, you can look.
  2. I'll have what you're smoking, please :afro:
  3. Sorry, work strain is getting to me.

    Sitting here wondering why I bother coming in.

    As a MOD, do you have any idea why this forum has been opened? Is it an international contacts forum?

    Ah well, I'll go do more posting then some work.

  4. Prefer my new Avatar , just cant find one to beat it , love it ,
  5. On a purely international theme......... that sure is one fine transom.
    Have to agree - what do we do in here - international what ? Or can we just "gob off" at what a wonderfull time we ex pats are all having in our respective Nirvana's ?
  6. Great Avatar Dondon.

    And as we both seem to share an interest in Rear Admirals, I thought I'd offer this one as a cheeky runner up.


  7. I'm for gobbing off, surprise, surprise.

    Dunno about a wonderful time though, Arabic working week starts on a Saturday and finishes on a Thursday (6 days a week), with 1 Saturday a month off, 7.30 to 5.30, starting to think I'm back in the Mob.

    Summer over here too, temp is currently c. 47Deg 'C', sweating like a pervert in a playpark, two shirts a day.

    Time off is good though, get back to the apartment, swim, go to the gym, then on Fridays, beach or Brunch (Dubai brunch is an institution, fanstastic delights to be had for much cheapness).

    Out of interest, anyone else over here? Apart from the few million who don't log on to RR?
  8. Trooped Again - I'll be out in Dubai towards the end of this month for a week (vacation, me my wife and youngest son). If your free, and you're not a tosser, maybe we can have a snifter or two. :)
  9. You naughty person Dunmytime........... That is a very dangerous thing to suggest that he is not !!!
  10. [​IMG] dark in here as well.
  11. Who said that?????

  12. First cloudy day for months but 88F in old money here. Morsehorse and I have to look after lots of old pharts who have deserted UK for sun and sangria so it seems a cushy draft for us wot with LOA and living ashore.



    Luv Nutty
  13. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Strikes a match....

    I know, why don't we make it a private forum?
  14. im soooooooooooooo not going to bite.............. :afro:
  15. Awww, go on you know you will enjoy it.
  16. shshshshshs...... its not spoz to be fun.....
  17. So I presume I have to type VERY LOUDLY A_N_D S__L__O__W__L__Y so that Johnny foreigner can understand properly.
  18. Can one mention in here that one may have shagged a foreigner?

  19. Nutty, top up my glass of sangria will ya! I'm obviously not drunk enough yet. I left the sunny Southern Hemisphere for the UK & apart from floods, bombs and the Tories paying people to get married, I'm having a ball :thumright: BTW I love Debbie Harry! Good to see an old phart does too!
    (sorry, I can be a cheeky mare sometimes xx)

  20. Would she be French , thought so , mmm

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