Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by HarryBosch, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. In the interests of health and fitness would somebody please get a message to this Jenny and tell her I I'm in lust.


    If you could put a good word in for me as well I'll buy you a beer ! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

    Is there anyone else who fancies a bod on here? Apart from ex-rubberdagger that is, as being a paramedic he fancies anything with a pulse!
  2. Actually Harry you might wish to reassess. Take a closer look at the badges, it appears you are lusting after a sea cadet. Still each to his own!

    Have a nice day old chap
  3. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    HB: If my memory serves me well, I seem to recall that this user is not a full-time serving member of the RN (it appears from her posts that she was attending an AIB sometime this year), and from the picture appears to be a cadet. So that pic was taken some time ago, or she is a very young POC. She has not posted since January, so you'll have to wait until she reappears to find out!

    Either way, you Sir, are a...


    :twisted: :wink:
  4. So she's not a PO then? Those lads look a bit old to be sea cadets, especially the one in the beret. Oh well, back to Rosie it is then :dwarf:
  5. There's a Para Reg officer who is in dry-dock for an extensive plumbing re-fit who will fit the bill for you 'arry.

    PS I don't know if she's excused jumping though :thumright:

  6. Ha ha ... Cheers, Bergs. I expect she's the only one jumping now. Apart from 3 Para mortars who are jumping each other.

  7. Rosie , Brazen Hussy , Josie , Snap Dragon , the list goes on & on , mmmmmmm , :thumright:
  8. Oh dear... she is in that photo a Sea Cadet, at the BRNC Cadet Summer Camp!
  9. oi! do you mind!

    Bloody booties!
  10. Wouldn't worry about it Rosie. I suspect he is no longer your type.

  11. Why would that be, SF? :angel4:
  12. We have already established that. You should now be giving me stick, taking the piss or telling me that she is to be phased in by 2020! :w00t:
  13. Well im the mystery girl you are all talking about.
    I can confirm i am a PO Sea Cadet and that was taken on BRNC Summer 06 now older looking.
    Sorry mate im taken to a Royal Navy Officer whos out in the fleet.
  14. Why do you two always manage to sound like you are insulting me? And what is my type? Or is that a whole other thread?
  15. Hi MC, A pleasure to meet you. Lucky him, is all I can say. Shame he's not a booty ossifer though! :) So have you not signed up for the real deal yet?
  16. Well the RN wouldnt have me first time round, then was dueto sit AIB again and after some skylarking after alcohol i did ankle ligaments in and have to have them reconstructed so the Navy won't touch me till November and i have decided to go to the Merchant and go to Plymouth uni in sept to study Merchant Ship Operations and Nautical science so ill be a fully OOW unlimited i then probably apply for Logs after i seen Warfare isnt a very nice business as this is what bf does whos fantastic very very happy.
    Do i detect some jealousy.

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