Love is in the Air!

This is dated 13 FEB 09 but wasn’t there on Friday. Anyway, it seems that the US Navy made a big impression on Trenchard’s finest.

Valentine's Day the RAF way

It is often said that the way to a man's, or even a woman's, heart is through their stomach and by keeping true to this theory, two foodies in the RAF have created some Valentine culinary masterpieces which should definitely do the trick.

RAF 'Top Gun' caterers Corporals Richie Carter and Shirley Broderick are the brains behind a specially created romantic menu, which includes a luxurious cocktail.

The dishes are designed to show your loved one how much you care about them through whipping up a treat for their tastebuds which will leave them feeling satisfied but without denting your wallet.

At an estimated cost of only £7 per head, the Valentine's menu they have created is quick and easy to make as most of the preparation is done the night before the meal with only 20 minutes of time needed on the day itself, putting the final touches to your delectable dish.

Experienced chefs Cpl Carter and Cpl Broderick have renamed and revamped a selection of dinner menu classics such as mozzarella salad which is now 'Maverick' Mozzarella and 'Tom Cat' Tomato. Pork and apple has become Seared Pork with 'Jester' Apple Rings and Spiced 'Viper' Potato Wedges, and for dessert it is Crushed Strawberry and Chocolate 'Mirimar' Meringue.

Cpl Carter, who has cooked his way around the world since joining the RAF in 1989, believes that this is the perfect time to turn up the heat in the kitchen:

"It's all about good people and good times - food brings you together. I'll be cooking this recipe for the entire family!"

Cpl Broderick has been training stewards at RAF Halton since April 2008 in various culinary skills including the art of cocktail-making:

"We cover everything from fine dining to field catering", she said. "But you don't need to be Tom Cruise to make a good cocktail! You can find everything you might need in your kitchen, or from Christmas drinks leftovers - it's cheap and easy to do."
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