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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by JamesH, Nov 20, 2008.

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  1. Or proof that the average serviceman will poke anything...

    Anyway, I'll let the pictures do the talking.



    The gorgeous bridesmaids....

    The family group...

    Comrades in arms.. heroes all.

    Just a morsel for me. My love for you satisfies all my desires.


    The happy couple now spend a blissful time on their idyllic honeymoon.








  2. wow just proof chicks gid a fella in uniform. Fcuk paying the catering bill
  3. FCUKIN ELL!!!

    Is this the one where her friends ask her in a few months.....

    "Are you still married"??

    "Yeah why"???

    "Oh right i thought you might have eaten your husband"??
  4. gen, it wasn't till the last phot i realised, not only is she exactly the same mass as a chinook, she is going baaalld on top too!
  5. That's a big 'ol unit. Big enough to have her own Post Code.
    At least she beat anorexia.
  6. :eek:mfg: o_O

  7. A MEGGA Space Hopper, :pukel:

    Great Material for the Gronk Board
  8. mf, this lovel couple is not quite the norm for Uncle Sam's Army but uncomfortably close. Several years ago whilst on a shopping tour down South at some USA facility I saw loads of ergh, cuddly wives, not quite as generously built as this former Miss America, but definitely large. The best example was about as wide as her husband was tall, approx 6ft. =(
  9. I feel the need to put a woman's point of view on this:

    Her: o_O

    He's not exactly Brad Pitt is he? I don't care how good his personality is! :thumbdown:

    Match made in Heaven. :thumright:
  10. Yeah but, look at all the medal ribbons he must have been on shit loads of ops.... Like crossing the equator, disney land etc lol
  11. Can't see his Blue Peter
  12. LMFAO!!!

    Can I have a warning next time please? There's coffee all over my monitor and keyboard!!

  13. She just luvs the way he kisses her navel; from the iiiinnnnsiide!!
  14. she eat it !!
  15. I hope nobody is eating....but can you imagine the wedding night? o_O
  16. earth moving !!
  17. I'd rather not ....oh, oh - too late ......... aaaggghhhhh ...........yuuuuuuuch
  18. The grooms words exactly. :thumright:
  19. Had worse.
  20. And you admit to it?! :crazy:

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