Lourdes 2011

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by wert, Sep 4, 2010.

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  1. IMP Lourdes
    Hi Lads & Lassies, Partners too.
    Were you one of the lucky ones who have been to the IMP at Lourdes? Did you accept an invitation to join the veterans up at Hosanna House BBQ on the Sunday Evening:?:
    Folks it's Pay Back Time.
    I am looking for your help for a week next year [May 2011] to become a helper/companion to either an ex service lady or gentleman who is disadvantaged by your standards. Obviously there are lots of questions you would want to have answered before you commit yourself and the best I can suggest is to visit our web site at www.jshhg507.com. One last thing I must make it clear that it is not a holiday for you, as the 'VIP' allocated to you will be hoping for your attention 24/7. Depending on their circumstances this could be looking after him and his luggage in transit, cutting up his food, helping him to get dressed, perhaps if limbless helping him to wash and of course if he has problems walking - giving him a push in a wheelchair but you are sure to be having a beer in our own bar, together in the evenings.
    If that hasn't frightened you off then it's a good start, CO's are generally helpful as it will be classed as (CLM) Command leadership and management Training, the week will not come off your annual leave [I hope] and three quarters of the funding for the week can be found from service charities.
    Hope to see you at Exeter Airport in May 2011, together with your other 44 travelling companions. Have a look at jshhg507.com
    Contact details on the web site, and thanks for looking.
    WERT at Joint Services Hosanna House Group 507
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Not wishing to appear rude mate but isn't this just religious bollocks with fcuk all expectations of a happy outcome?

    I appreciate God does it for you but, c'mon, who's this for, the veterans or the organisers?
  3. Totally agree WB. Better the money wasted on these trips go to research into whatever their 'god' struck them down with.
  4. What a chuffin waste of time, avcat and victuals.

    In these enlightened times I'm surprised people still believe in this smoke and mirrors stuff.
  5. Does Msgr Ged L******r still take an interest in these?
  6. No need to take the trip anyway as the ex Hitler Youth chappie is coming here and he can wave his wand over these unfortunate people during his visit.
  7. A visit to Lourdes can do a lot of mental good to the afflicted and the site itself is very well organised; a lot of people with no religious belief are impressed by the organisation and the peace to be found there.
    The town nearby is tacksville on speed but the actual site is very well done.
    I wish these people luck and I am certain that few if any believe that some miracle will occur.
  8. In summary a good run ashore but give the rabbit shops a miss.
    Whatever floats their boat I say.
  9. Sign up the 3 Service Chiefs & MOD for the trip.....they need a miracle or three right about...then
  10. Blasphemy you shall perish in the fires of hell for this outrage!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    Feed of arse. Some cave where some yokel says he saw Jesus's mum becomes a massive money spinner for crooked businessmen. Might open up my own in Pompey.

  12. There are many souls to be saved in Pompey my son. Join me in my quest. I shall be the treasurer.
  13. If it makes people happy what's the problem. Pusser was giving Rum out for centuries. The old and bald out there didn't complain about the cost, but just the loss.
  14. So much indignant huffing and puffing from people supposedly unaffected by Christianity. It's been said that there are no atheists in a foxhole and I noticed that church attendance certainly swelled in a certain T22 going up to the gunline at the start of GW1.
  15. I met my Irish sweetheart on a Christian site and she tells everybody God brought us together. So how can you argue with that.
  16. His name was Bernadette :wink:
  17. Levers_Aligned

    Levers_Aligned War Hero Moderator

    So. You attend church, and by the time you spend praying and adoring something invisible, undetectable and unsubstantiated you buy your way to a mythical, similarly unsubstantiated (save for the words of those who haven't seen it themselves) place, purportedly to be 'up in the sky', but since we put spacecraft up there and discovered telescopes and the like, might not be the case. Are you saying that every single person killed in every war was atheist? I find that odd.

    Dawkins recent programme 'The God Delusion' focussed on Lourdes, itself. It looked at thge thousands of desperate, pitifully handicapped people and those just there for some redemption and asked the question - 'how many people out of the millions attending have actually got up and walked?' I think the answer was sixty-seven. Ker-fecking-CHING! What it didn't ask - or really didn't NEED to ask was was their curing substantively accredited to a spiritual phenomenon, or was it just a barrowload of donkeybollix. I'm pretty sure if I were God, and I cured people and made them see, walk, get a lob-on, be able to pick up an AK47 of just donate their life savings toward their church 'fund' (new Lexus for the bish) I'd have the twat on YouTube and I'd have every non-believer and cynics head (i.e. me) turned round.

    As it is, the possibilities of that happening (and any further proof of God curing anyone at Lourdes - or the Holy Mother o' God appearing again in a cave to Mr Bernadette) are vanishingly small.

    But keep praying, eh? The Pope's shoes won't pay for themselves, will they?

  18. Levers,

    The OP merely asked: ".... am looking for your help for a week next year [May 2011] to become a helper/companion to either an ex service lady or gentleman who is disadvantaged by your standards....."

    A fair request, but if it's not your "scene" why could you not just stand back for those who might be available and interested?

    I just hope that your diatribe has not put someone off from applying,


    Oh, and a big BZ to those who can/do give their valuable leisure time to assist those "disadvantaged ex-service persons".
  19. Well said that man :thumbleft:
  20. I digress but this is my credo as a Non-believer:

    You should live your life and try to make the world a better place for your being in it, whether or not you believe in god. If there is no god, you have lost nothing and will be remembered fondly by those you left behind. If there is a benevolent god, he will judge you on your merits and not just on whether or not you believed in him

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