Lost Voices of the Royal Navy

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by rod-gearing, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Just read this book by Max Arthur published by Hodder.
    Very moving stories dating from 1914 up to 1945.
    Well worth a read.
    ISBN 978-0-340-83814-3
  2. Certainly is a very interesting (and moving) read.
  3. Not read the book (yet, but certainly aim to), in the meantime one to click on.

    Crosby RNA web site.

  4. Well recommended and a good mix of Upper and Lower Deck experience.
    An interesting view of the period around the Jutland battle.
  5. Definitely worth reading for any perspective on the Upper and Lower Decks from WWI to WWII. I'd highly recommend it to anybody interested in any aspects of life in the RN.

  6. Excellent book. Interesting comments too about your alma mater Rod.
  7. I've only just found this thread. I'd read this book earlier this year. What astonishes me is the almost matter of fact way that some of the violent/horrific events are related. But then I shouldn't be if I think back on my career. There must be that typical (British) military understatement but also some suppression of the more horrific aspects of some of the actions. I guess it's harder for a modern day matelot to relate to some of the instances because we don't have an infantry role now, and that many of these events were formative in the way the Navy has changed to become the way it is (and I mean for the better, all you cynics!)
  8. Also in a similar vein -

    Lost Voices of the Holocaust
    Lost Voices of the Great War
    Lost Voices of WW2

    All equally excellent.

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