Lost sub found, after 90 years.

Discussion in 'History' started by Como83, Mar 8, 2007.

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  1. News release -
    "Australia's first submarine which was lost during the outbreak of World War I might have been found off Papua New Guinea.

    It has been more than 90 years since Australia's first-ever submarine, the AE1, was last seen near the Duke of York Islands in East New Britain.
    The 60-metre sub and its entire crew disappeared during a routine mission in 1914.

    Sonar detectors on board Australian Navy ship HMAS Benalla detected an object a similar shape and size to that of the AE1 sub, near Rabaul.

    The location has been marked for future investigation and will be kept secret to deter trophy hunters."

    My comment: They should leave it as a War Grave - like the other WW1 Oz Sub on the bottom of the Dardenelles.
  2. If this is AE1 then it should be left as a war grave, as long as the location can be kept secret. The PNG government does not have a good track record in this regard so it may be bettter if any remains are returned to Australia and buried with dignity rather than picked over by scavengers.

    AE2 is a different story as all the ships company survived the sinking, although some died later as POWs.
  3. Yea Jack, shoudda remembered AE2 crew were taken prisoners.

    The Japs are very strong on their sunk subs being treated as war graves; let it be known years ago that the big I boat, north of Darwin, must not be touched.
    Now of course the Midget, off the north Sydney beaches, has got 'em worried.
  4. Interesting story and I'm inclined to agree with jack. If the location gets out, and it surely will, then there won't be much left in a year or two. Far better to bring up the remains and give them full honours.

    If the wreck can't be salvaged then blow it up to put off treasure seekers. Bit harsh I know but people need to realise that they can't just take what they want.

  5. The Ausies are taking that bit quite seriously apparently.
  6. For Info:
    Tonight March 27th; ABC Tv presents "Foreign Correspondent"
    In this will be a segment - "PNG - The Hunt for the AE1"
    Quote -
    The fate of the AE1 remains one of Australia 's most enduring maritime mysteries. PNG Correspondent Steve Marshall joined the Royal Australian Navy on a search for the AE1. This time thanks to high tech equipment and good planning they may have finally found some answers.

    Should be worth watching.

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