Lost - season 4

Right, I'm addicted to 'Lost', mainly due to wanting to find out WTF is going on!

However, season 4 seems to be a tad more complicated, the 'Oceanic 6', does that mean only 6 people returned? Who the knows but I will be tuning in further, to see more of that lovely 'James Sawyer', yummy!!

Any one else watching it?

If you don't get sky, you can watch Lost here
Jenny, I F***ing love it!!!!!

Started off watching the box set of Series 1 after wondering what all the fuss was about. I got hooked straight away and so did my wife but she missed Series 3 and hasn't an idea what is going on. I just hate the long periods in between each series.

You are right the Oceanic 6 is the six that returned home safely. I couldn't believe that Saiid(?) is now working for Ben!!!
I am hooked! Apparently it is going to run for two more seasons before some spectacular type of ending (according to Wikipedia anyway) so it looks like no one is going to be rescued anytime soon. Maybe the Oceanic 6 are the only ones who really wanted to leave the island and the others stayed?
We've finished Series 4 in our house, mainly because we have Goonhilly Down on the flat roof and if you know where to look on the internet it is available from American sites.


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Grrrrrrrrrrrr drives me crazy with storylines that ask more questions than are answered. WTF is the monster/black cloud in the jungle? that ones been annoying me off from the start. Great TV!!!!!
Apparently, Lost is up for 6 seasons in total but they have signed onto end the whole thing in 2010...............making the series shorter to only 16 episodes a series, now, apparently.

I have a funny feeling 8 actually come back and not 6!

But I am only on episode 4, so confused over Kate's baby......is he actually Aaron or did Kate have a child and called him the same name?

Is the island in a parallel dimension, like a Bermuda triangle???
Puddle_Pirate said:
What? Kate has a baby? Where did that happen in the first four episodes of season 4?
It's in the 4th episode, think it's called 'EggTown'.

Kate is in court and her lawyer is trying to get her to use her son, for a merci type plea but she refuses and wants him to have nothing to do with the case.

Jack comes in as a witness, in words 'biggin' her up' but she stands up and refuses to have him as a witness in defence for her.

She later take a bargin, time served and not allowed to leave the state for 10 yrs, she takes this. Then goes home and heads up stairs to see her boy. The boy wakes up and says something like 'I love you mommy' and Kate replies 'I love you Aaron'...............end of episode.
have not watched this programe at all, the adverts are enough to confuse my poor mind let alone all the flash backs... so if any one truly understands it please feel free to enlighten me

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