Lost pjft results

So I’ve got my PRNC IN 6 days and I received a lovely phone call this morning from my afco telling me that my pjft is out of date, but I happily inform the man that I passed a new pjft just over a month ago and it’s all fine. Turns out they’ve either not received my results and forgot to tell me or they’ve handily lost in, luckily I’ve kept my copy so I’m covered but they really left it a bit late to check did they not?


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That's precisely the reason the gym must issue you a copy of the PJFT certificate. Sometimes the gym neglects to email the results to your AFCO, hence the hard copy.

With regard the timeline to PRMC, had you arrived without a valid PJFT pass, you would've been sent home which is a bit nuts given that you have to undertake the RNFT anyhoo whilst there.

For a bloke, under age 27, the PJFT run time is 669secs . 6 Days = 518,400secs. The fitness centres are open 7 days a week from around 08:00 until about 21:00, so that's plenty of time to retake, if required.

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