Lost PJFT Form

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by s600rum, Nov 29, 2009.

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  1. I know that it doesn't look good but i've managed to lose the form i've been given for the PJFT, its been there for the last 2 weeks with the other forms and the navy news etc and now that i go to find it to plan how i'm getting there its disappeared... can anyone tell me where i could find it online or possibly scan their own onto here and post it? i'll be very grateful as ive literally just emptied my room and the bin looking for this. Thanks.
  2. sorry im unable to help
    whens your PJFT, im sure you wouldnt be the first/last just ring AFCO an be honest. good luck
  3. may not be the case across the board...but...when i did my PJFT, the form I was sent wasnt even needed, the gym I went to had a different RN/RAF PJFT form which they filled in and stamped etc, and the one I had been sent and filled my bits in before hand became redundant..to be on the safe side, just go into the AFCO and pick up a new one...
  4. Well i assumed it was still with the other stuff, so im planning the route the night before - getting the sat nav ready and everything and now have realised its gone :S i may have to cancel the fitness test and rebook it for in a couple of days time and get the form tomorrow.
  5. Phew... Found it whilst looking in the kitchen. It had been moved by my mum thinking i hadn't booked it yet. Thanks anyway guys :)

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