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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by Tanzi, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. I only come on here once in a blue moon but I now find I've lost track of an old shipmate.

    Rumrat was a prolific poster on here but now appears to be gorn.

    If any one has any info I'd be glad to hear it - hate to think nobody cares.


  2. Not been around for a while? I'm sure a Mod could tell you if he's been stalking the site?

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  3. Thanks, mate.
  4. He wrapped his claw in after he said he was getting abuse from another poster via PM. He sent me a lengthy PM spinning the dit before he left.
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  5. I miss the old t*at

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  6. I last spoke to him on the telephone I think back in January I had to cut it short due to lesley's hospital appointment.I've.mislaid his 'phone number We have had a shite year so far, hospitals etc.and I've let things slide. I will try the P.m. route. We have not met but have so much in common, boxing, trucking, Police, Prison service and so on.I'l let you know how I get on.
  7. Jesse, you could try getting the Admin to pass on an email to him for you if that fails
  8. Thanks Jesse,

    We were old ships on Aurora and I had some news for him but then he was gone.

    p.s. We have summat in common too - police, prison etc - what did you get done for ?
  9. Rummer's 'during his many lives since the mob was a copper with the West Mercia Force. I was a "Screw" The only thing I an d Rummer's d on't have in common is that he is a" true blue" and I am a screaming red in tooth and claw. I will try and re connect with the old boy, has I recall that he went through a rough time health wise a bit back. I still hope for a meet up and a few wets also with Taffscribs who is holding back the mongol hoards at the Welsh border.
  10. How the fcuk do you do a P.M under the new set up ????
  11. Jesse, I THINK that under the new regime PMs became 'conversations. So, for instance, hover over 'tanzi' in grey under the avatar. This will bring up a box, part of which says 'Start Converation'. Click and carry on!

    If I'm wrong I'm fairly certain somebody will let me know.........

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