Lost my entry date.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by matt93, Jul 22, 2014.

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  1. Hey guys, I had a entry date for the 1st of feb 2015 as a WS however, I have now transferd to CIS and I have been made aware that I have now gone to the back of the que. I was fully aware that this would happen however my afco told me they may look at my 1st test date and see I have been waiting for 3 years already. Im fit and have completed all the tests and checks required. All I want is an entry date so I know its set in stone and I have somthing to work towards.Has any one got any advice on speeding this up as I am starting to loose my head.Appologies for the moan I know thousands are in my boat.
  2. SHIP, it's a ship Matt93.

    Apart from that, I cant really help. Although you may have helped me. I am on the waiting list for a WS and have been told May 2015, your place may now be mine!
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  3. HAHA you can take it mate! and SHIP I stand corrected
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  4. Cheers buddy! hope you aren't waiting to long for your new date
  5. Maybe the wait for cis isn't too long anyway? It wouldn't really be fair to skip the queue just because you have changed your mind...
  6. considering im alredy ahead because i have completed all of the required assesments? the waiting time is approx 9 months.
  7. Other people who have completed selection fully and opted for cis from the start and are waiting for an entry date shouldn't have you push in the queue ahead of them. When i considered swapping my afco said i would be put to the bottom of those who have completed selection; but ahead of those who have sat their rt but have some elements of selection left to do. 9 months isnt that long anyway, at least its not a few years! Check with your afco for clarification but pretty sure you're bottom of the 'completed selection pile'.
  8. i dont want to push in, i was told by my afco that i could be taken into cosideration and jump ahead. thanks for your input

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