Lost Medal Found.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by andym, Dec 11, 2012.

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  1. I am posting this on behalf of another member on ROMFT,a bit ago a LSGC Medal was found on the seabed at Bridlington.It was awarded to a one MEM(M)1 D A Snowden,D180535D.If anyone knows MEM Snowden or has information on him we can reunite him with his medal.P;ease either PM me on here or on ROMFT.co.uk
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  2. As its my home town I will ask at the RNA/RBL if anyone has heard of him,not saying he came from Brid but will ask!
  3. A few thoughts on your finder's quest, Andy:

    1. He may have applied for a replacement Pea Doo so it could be worth the finder contacting the MOD dept dealing with such replacements.

    2. Having earned that PD then 'tis highly likely that, with that service number*, he'd also be drawing his pension by now. Hence it would be worth your while contacting them about the find, too.

    3. Long Shot - Have it place it on ebay as a 'sale' with a full description of all the circumstances.
    Not to actually sell it you'll understand, but just to offer it as 'ground bait'. If he, or his genuine kin, should spot it then verify ownership and return it at no cost. If not then quietly withdraw it and continue with the efforts elsewhere: Veterans Agency, RBL, ex-Service Associations, Friends/Forces Re-united etc. etc.

    *With that Off. No. maybe this LS & GC is the only medal he'd have been entitled to (Cold War = fewer medals about than the current era) so BZ with your/the finder's efforts to re-unite it with the owner.

    From time to time please be gracious enough to let us now how this quest progresses because this case could become the definitive 'Staff Answer' and a Sticky for re-uniting any future found medals with their rightful but pining owners.


    I will PM Andym to alert him to this Post.

    I did try but:

    << andym has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.>>
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  4. I'm sure we have a female member on RR who worked in the records section.
    Given that you have both his name and number and that he is of pensionable age, can't she help.
    I cant remember her name now as she has been away for a while.
    I'm sure it was TUTS.
  5. Cheers for the replies guys.I have a few other feelers out.i sent an e mail to the SVPA and they cant really help apart from getting the medal sent to Ministry of Defence Medal Office in gloucester.We may get the ships he was on and i can try those forums if they exist.I will keep you appraised of progress or the lack of it.

    I emptied my Mailbox now!LOL
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  6. Andy,

    The most likely candidate I have found is a David A Snowden, born 3rd Qtr 1962, the birth was registered in Buckrose, Yorkshire (one of the sub districts of Buckrose is Bridlington).

  7. Cheers SP,guess a quick check on the electoral roll might show something.
  8. Will pass it to our local paper as well
  9. Won't he attract selling fees for a listing? Even if it is not sold.
  10. Was there no ship mentioned on the rim of the medal?
    Plenty of Facebook sites tied to retired ships. May be a good place to search.
  11. Medals only have rate, name, official No and service engraved on them.
  12. Pretty sure mine has HMS Drake on it.
    Will check tonight once home.
  13. I checked my LSGC and OSM and neither have the unit engraved on them. I got the LSGC in 1990, not sure when you got your's though.
  14. Not engraved on the edge but I'm sure mine has a picture of HMS Victory on it somewhere...:cyclopsani:

    BTW I think ebay makes no charge for posting the first few items at auction each month and then takes a % cut of each agreed & completed sale.

    A quick look indicates a new current, un engraved, LS&GC is available at £37.00 MEDALS - LSGC - ROYAL NAVY - EIIR - FULL SIZE | eBay
  15. Lol. Must be going senile.
    Checked mine. Just has RN.
    Confused with another one I have to a matelot. It was awarded 53. It has the ships name.
    I understand they stopped using ships names in the early 80s.
  16. I have been in touch with the Bridlington Free Press and they are interested in running the story,I am sending the link to the reporter that I contacted,I am away all week with work but hope to check the forum on a night,fingers crossed we reunite the medal with its rightful owner
  17. They were certainly using ship names in 1968 when I collected mine.:frown:

  18. Got mine in the mid 70's has HMS Drake on it
  19. What the fcuk was it doing on the seabed was he doin a Reggie Perrin, Its a LSGCM ffs leave the fecker where it was if he wants it back I have some snorkel and fins he could borrow at a price:wave:

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