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I seem to have lost my avatar, was it deleted for me or is it just a quirk of the site or software? As far as I can tell I haven't hidden it or deleted it myself


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Perhaps the link to the website where your avatar was saved (Photobucket, perhaps?) has been removed. Try to upload it again, or pic another one! I doubt it's been removed by RR... :?
I had uploaded it to the site SPB, so as far as I know it should have stayed put, but I guess if I didnt receive a PM saying "your avatar is a chuffing disgrace, get its sidies trimmed immediately" then its just one of those things, maybe I deleted it in a drink fuelled bleary eyed RR sesh, maybe it got dropped by the site software in a defrag, in a "now where have I put my glasses/keys" type thing. Just thought Id ask in case it was offending someone who doesn't like cats or family guy or something, before I upload another.
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